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Hour Tour: Melanie of Plum Cushion

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Melanie is the lovely lady behind Plum Cushion (where all your designer pillow dreams come true). She has an amazing eye and I am thrilled to share photos of her gorgeous home with you today. Sources are listed below, but feel free to leave questions in the comment section.

Thanks, Melanie!!

Living room:
Wall color: Verdigris Mist, True Value
Sofa: ‘South Beach’, Schumacher
Green chair: vintage (hand me down, from mom – reupholstered)
Pink chairs: Gussy Chairs (Etsy)
Bench: hand me down from Hubby’s Aunt & Uncle (I just reupholstered it in Kravet’s “Passage” in aqua)
Cocktail Table and side tables: Craigslist, professionally lacquered
Console: Craigslist, I painted it Verdigris Mist (the wall color) but in high gloss
Secretary: Craigslist (massively-lucky find)
Framed art: marbled paper from Paper Mojo (I got the idea from LGN), “Blonde Girl in Gray” – original watercolor from Wm. Gangol, purchased on eBay
Draperies: custom, flamestitch fabric purchased on eBay

Bedroom sources:
Wallcovering: Waterhouse Wallhangings (purchased on eBay – and they still have it! )
Bedding: Pottery Barn ’tile print’ in orange
Pillows: Chiang Mai Dragon (from Plum Cushion) ;-)
Pelmets: Made by hubby and me, following the instructions on LGN
Flower Mirror: GR Hedges

Striped wall treatment, hand applied (wow was it a job!): All Behr paint. I may be able to scrape up the colors used but I don’t have them all in my online file. (please comment if you need these)
Valance: Imperial Trellis

Wall color: Midnight Dream, Behr
Table: Craigslist, professionally refinished
Chairs: Craigslist, painted
Rug: vintage, Turkish, purchased on eBay

Wall color: Valley Mist, Behr
Rug: West Elm
Painting: Original Oil (also a hand me down from my mom)

What did you think?
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79 thoughts on “Hour Tour: Melanie of Plum Cushion

  1. It's such a beautiful home and I love the use of color- however I can't get past the thought that everything seems just a little "too" perfect. It needs just a touch more messiness:) thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Melanie! Quick question– can you describe the finish on the secretary? I have a battered hand-me-down with gorgeous lines that I want to give new life to.
    Beautiful home! Love your bold use of color throughout. :)
    Heidi @ Show some Decor

  3. Did you have the TV professionally mounted over the fireplace? Where did you 'hide' the cords and/or cable box? And do you burn wood in the fire? I've heard that mounting a TV near the chimney can ruin the TV…but it looks so clean!

  4. Well, the whole house is amazing, but I love, love, love the kitchen most of all. I love it's updated vintage look and feel.

  5. Such a beautiful home! I especially love the navy wall color and everything about the living room. I think painting a piece of furniture in the same color as the wall paint but a different sheen is so interesting.

  6. Sorry for the delay! A few more answers…

    @Babs Blog – The brass lamp in the living room is indeed vintage (eBay for something insane, like $35). I know it's not the same but I just saw this beauty from High Street Market if you're looking for a brass lamp:

    @amalisa – "The Harry Allen Pig" is from Velocity Art and Design but there are many other retailers who sell them. They have metallic finishes too!

    @Heidiopia – The secretary was already finished when I purchased it but I'm pretty sure it was painted silver then given a thin layer of stain to give it more of an antique look. Sorry that's vague! I hope it helps.

    @Anonymous re. the tv – We did have it professionally mounted to the masonry. I'm not sure about the use of the fireplace (whether it's recommended or not) but we never have fires in the fireplace (I can't handle the mess) so it's a non-issue for us. The wiring for the components runs through our attic and comes out in the hall closet where the cable box and dvd player are located. We have a radio frequency remote so the closet door can remain closed and the remote controls still function perfectly.

    @Andrea @ strawberry-chic – The bathroom wall was taped using a laser level (HUGE shout out to my girl Susie who helped me with this part of the project!). One of us held the laser while the other one taped. It was a little insane but the lines are straight as pins. The tape did a fairly good job but there was quite a bit of hand touch up done with a teeny-tiny paint brush. It was a big job but *I think* totally worth it.

    @Jana – I purchased the turquoise, apricot and raspberry colorway. I couldn't be happier with them. Really gorgeous papers!

    Thanks again for all of the sweet comments! I'll try to be faster with my responses today.
    xx, Melanie

  7. what a gorgeous home! i love, love, love your pelmet boxes and have been dying to make them for my boys' room but their windows are 74" wide. do you have any recommendations for hanging them? i also live in a nyc apartment and have a bump out above the window that is (of course) made of cement…making it a bit more complicated as well. any suggestions would be very much appreciated!


  8. Love, Love the turkish rug!! in the kitchen and love the kitchen! I follow Melanie's blog and had been wondering where she found such a killer piece, and now I know!

  9. @npd – Could you utilize the bump out to help give you stability since it's so long? I would try fabricating the pelmets to the same depth as the bump out then hanging them with heavy duty velcro (one side attached to the pelmet the other to the cement bump out). Without seeing it I'm not sure if this is sound advice but that was my first thought. Good luck!

    @Anslee & Jimmy – Ikea! I'm pretty sure it's meant to hang draperies (it's in that area of the store). My girlfriend got one and hangs her kids art from it. It's so nice since it has clips and you can switch stuff out easily. I hang my completed pillows there so they don't wrinkle.

  10. I tried looking for the Verdigris Mist paint color at True Value but am having NO luck, do you know if they discontinued if so do you know of a paint color that is similar to the Verdigris Mist paint color you used in your beautiful living room? Thank you!

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