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Mirrored (Silver-Leafed) Cabinets


Remember this post? I found two vintage fretwork cabinets for a steal at Everything Goes in Staten Island a while back.

To sass them up a bit (and to give me some hidden storage), I silver leafed the inside of the existing glass panes.

The original wood (it was sort of a fruit wood?) was not so pretty and I knew I wanted to paint it out. While I actually really liked the contrast of the dark color of the wood against the silver-leafed glass, we don’t always have the best sun light in our apartment, so I needed to go lighter with the color. I also needed something in the cool color family to balance out the gold tones of our yellow striped rug.

I ended up painting the cabinets a pale icy blue (Benjamin Moore’s White Ice OC-58), but I think I’m going to change the color this week — more on that later.

I love how the panes look kind of like antiqued glass now. You can see very blurry but not true reflections, which makes me happy to know I won’t have to actually watch myself when I’m parked in front of ridiculous reality shows (or when I’m doing my Tracy DVD’s! Yikes). Huge upside.

Another upside is that fingerprints are a total non-issue here like they would be with traditional mirror panes. I can’t see any of the Evie-sized smudges at all.

P.S. Do you see a little sneak peek of the navy buffalo check I’m considering for our dining chairs?

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75 thoughts on “Mirrored (Silver-Leafed) Cabinets

  1. The cabinet is fabulous. The Buffalo Check on the chairs-I DIE!!! Will take the room over the top :) Great ideas, as ALWAYS!

  2. I've been waiting and waiting to see what magic you'd come up with to transform that cabinet. The silver leaf looks just great with it, and I also like the complementary icy color (what will you come up with to replace it??) Thank you for sharing this excellent idea, Jenny! I hope I can find a good furniture specimen at my thrift stores to try out the silver leaf.

    Also… would silver leaf be a good way to repair an old mirror that is tarnishing from the back side or is there a better product for that?

  3. Oh I am so glad to see these. I have been wondering for weeeeeks what you were doing with them. I have to admit that I was full of covetousness when I saw them! They look beautiful! Also love your Pier 1 honeycomb mirror. What a great touch above the tv, I like that it is horizontal instead of vertical.

  4. The cabinet is absolutely beautiful, but I have a comment about the handprints… I have a wall of french doors to lead out to a 3-season porch that we just converted to an office/den. As I was cleaning out the space, I found a baby handprint from my daughter who is now 13 years old. I will never clean that pane of glass, I just treasure the tiny print so!

  5. Lovely! Do tell more about the Tracy Anderson method tapes. I have the dvds too but recently got pregnant so havent really worried about working out. Are they working for you?

  6. How extraordinary! I have to say I loved the cabinet as it was when you found it, then loved it with the silver leaf glass & timber, then loved it with the pale blue paint!

    So I can't wait to see the final version ~ as all the steps have been quite wonderful.

  7. I've looked everywhere but can't find a mirror like that honeycomb one from Pier 1. Does anyone have any affordable suggestions?


  8. Hey Jenny,
    Do you have any experience silver-leafing directly to wood? I am sure with the proper finish underneath (sanded w/ 100 grit) it would stick? I've got a similar armoire that I want to do this with. I'd love to know your thoughts! Thanks,
    Lizzie Welsh

  9. Hi Lizzie! The leaf would definitely work right on the wood (well, on the size/glue on top of the wood). I usually like to paint out the background dark though so there is some contrast.


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