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New Blue Outfit


The silver-leafed cabinets are going to get some new clothes this week. Like I mentioned, the idea was for the cabinets to be an icy blue, (they are currently painted Benjamin Moore’s White Ice), but the sunlight in our apartment is so funny. It changes dramatically all day long and most of the time the cabinets look pretty white actually. It’s nice, but there is a lot of white in our loft (walls AND floors), so I was hoping the color would have read as a little more blue than it does most of the time. I wanted a pale blue, but not as icy and with a *hint* of green.

Then I did what I should have just done in the first place. I picked up a $3 sample pot from Home Depot. I probably should have picked up a few colors while I was there for comparison’s sake, but as soon as I saw the color chip for Martha’s Sparkling Brook, I knew that’s what I wanted for the cabinets.

I tried a sample patch on the top left corner of the cabinet on the right. I love it. It’s similar to the old color, but different enough that it will be worth painting the cabinets again. It’s definitely more of what I envisioned in the first place.

Then I ran across this image of Ashley Whittaker’s living room today, and I think this is the inspiration my subconscious had all along. Decision confirmed.


Oh! And how could I possibly forget:

Elle Decor

(Speaking of Mr. Hadley – I’m dying to go to his Sotheby’s auction today and bid on that amazing Serge Roche mirror.)

What did you think?
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34 thoughts on “New Blue Outfit

  1. that's a lovely color. I see what you mean — they do look white in that light with icey blue. Put on some good music, enlist some help and paint away . . . .

  2. What you did was truly amazing. I love that color, it is calm and cool. I wanted to thank you also for having me on your blog roll. Tons of my traffic come from your site. Thank you for being so awesome. Heidi

  3. That color is going to look great! But I'm curious, do you have a lot of experience with that brand of paints? I used Martha Stewart brand a few months ago to paint a corner cabinet and I was really disappointed with it. But, it could very well be my own issues and not he paint's since it was my first time painting furniture! Just curious to know your thoughts…

  4. Jenny, I can see how the original color looks white and I think the new color you selected will be great!! Wow, I am amazed at what you did with those cabinets and I love your honeycomb mirror placed in between them!! And, I'm dying over the buffalo check fabric for your DR chairs – hope you go w/that!!

  5. I love the new paint color, what a great choice with all the white you said you had going on already.
    Do you have to sand off the first paint color before you paint the new one? I am working on redoing a coffee table that was painted with a heavy varnish over it, and was just hoping that all I had to do was get the varnish part off and then just paint the new color. I am thinking about going with Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green (its really a blue)but I am loving your color choice and will have to pick up a sample to compare.

  6. Those cabinets are gorgeous beyond words! I've been inspiried since your first post about the silver leaf idea. Sadly, I haven't done anything about it. The blue is beautiful. Can't wait to see the update.

  7. You have impeccable taste in choosing that color. I chose it to paint our blah colored bedroom about two months ago. My husband and I have sweet dreams again. You have one of my favorite blogs, always inspirational. Good luck with all your projects; I love seeing them all — even the ones you aren't thrilled with.

  8. Love the new color!! The cabinets are just gorgeous and will look even more special with the new color, I think. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Isn't it amazing how much lighting, natural and artifical change the color of a paint sample once applied to a wall or piece of furniture? I love what you did with your captured game…those cabinets are wonderful!

  10. I am so jealous of your drive to paint furniture. I have pieces that have even already been painted before and I cannot seem to make the jump to give them a make over. This project has been really inspiring to get off my tush and just do it already!

  11. Love the new color.
    And as a former Sotheby's employee I feel quite safe in saying that the Hadley stuff is going to go thru the roof…. But we can always dream. I would have loved a sketch.
    Lynn from Decor Arts Now

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