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Abbey's Mirror

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Over the past few months, I have been working with Abbey Nova (of Design Scouting fame) to decorate her amazing NYC apartment. Abbey and her little family are so, so lovely. It’s been a treat to get to know them and to collaborate on their space, which is about 95% done now. Hooray! I was looking at my notes from our first meeting and there were about three pages of to-do items. We are down to FIVE items! Crossing off a to do list is just about my favorite thing in the world.

Here’s a photo from that first meeting. Abbey got this great mirror on sale from Pottery Barn a while back and it’s no longer available. At $300 or so full price, it wouldn’t break the bank, but it also wasn’t super cheap. I love the shape and the finish and I was so surprised when Abbey told me where she bought it.

Then last week I was at IKEA buying some Ribbas and I spied this new series called Odby. The largest frame is almost exactly the same as Abbey’s mirror.

For $40 you can buy the Odby at IKEA and then get some mirror cut for another $20 or so and then paint or gold leaf the frame. $50-70 buys you a really lovely, large mirror, perfect for a dining room, above a mantel or in a powder bath.

{Stay tuned for more photos and some great projects from Abbey’s apartment.}
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19 thoughts on “Abbey's Mirror

  1. that's a real large mirrors in the dining a similar size gilded mirror in mine too..but i've put it vertically from the ground up so that the entire table is beautifully reflected..takes the dining experience to a whole new level! thanks for visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  2. Great idea and I've been wanting to see Abbey's new flat since she moved so you've given me something to look forward to!

    Out of interest do you know where the bookcases are from?


  3. I'm loving how you have started posting so many of your design projects on the blog :) And being realistic about the time it takes and the process.

    Thank you for putting interior design in perspective and letting us see it through a realistic lense.

    I'm really looking forward to your posts :)

  4. I just saw those frames at IKEA the other day and thought they would be great for some sort of project. They look realy different from the Ribba frames and would be awesome as a mirror. Thanks for the wonderful ideas, as always!!

  5. Great frame and great idea! That is one of my favorite things about your blog, you come up with fabulous ideas, that are a great deal and something that ordinary people like me can do and use.


  6. Alexis, I would just do a google search for glass cutter. They always do mirror too.

    Little tip: Lowes cuts glass for really cheap (not mirror though).


  7. i love this DIY! would the ikea frame be strong enough to hang and hold a mirror? or is this just a mirror to be propped on a ledge? i would love to try this but i've never dealt making a framed mirror before. thanks for the idea; love your blog!

  8. Jenny-
    Thanks so much for posting this idea. It's completely genius! I've been looking for a mirror just like Abbey's and you inspired me to create my own. Click here to see the final result.

    I love your blog! You are such a DIY goddess and inspiration!

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