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Easter is coming.


I was talking to my kids about Easter a week or two ago and their little eyes were getting bigger and bigger as I reminded them about the Easter bunny and all his treats. Also there is the little matter of the dying of the eggs. Kids LOVE that stuff. (moms do, too).

Grace went so far as to declare “Easter might be even. better. Than. CHRISTMAS. MOM!!!!!!” I feel like kindergarten has made her sort of dramatic.

Today I’m busy catching up on client work and long past due emails. But there is an end in sight! We are hopefully taking a road trip to upstate New York tomorrow morning and we’ll be gone for a couple of days. On the agenda: reacquainting ourselves with grass and trees, antiquing, a children’s museum in Rochester, and lots of together time. No computers bigger than phones allowed. I can’t wait and my fingers are crossed that Michael won’t get tied up in last minute work (poor guy works too hard – love you, baby).

I’ve got two posts lined up for Thursday and Friday that you won’t want to miss. Lots of really amazing readers’ project submissions. If you have any sort of interiors or DIY projects that haven’t been featured elsewhere that would be a good fit for LGN, shoot me an email: jenny @jennykomenda.com. I’d love to see what you’ve been up to.

Alright, back to the old ball and chain. I’m glad I had some left over yellow and pink flowers from the arrangement on my bookshelf. These little blooms and the promise of a mini vacation are keeping me going today.

{P.S. the artwork leaning on my window ledge is from Paper Mojo – posted about it here}
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  1. Firstly, I want some of whatever you take, seriously, you have so much energy and always make things look so stylish. How do you do it all and be the Easter bunny too? You really are amazing.
    Your little flowers are too.

  2. Gorgeous pics! Have a great trip! Strong Museum is so much fun for the little ones, and as long as you're doing museums RMSC has a terrific dinosaur exhibit going on right now as well as the science of movie making(pyrotechnics, etc.) and an Earth Day thing for Friday.

  3. you so deserve some time away. i'm going on a mini road trip today too… cannot wait to see trees & grass!! enjoy your girls, wide open space, and happy easter! xo

  4. Love Grace's enthusiasm for Easter, haha. Hope you have a great break from the city and the computer! I have the same marbled paper over our entry table :) Love it.

  5. Being from the area you're going to in upstate, I recommend Dinosaur BBQ in downtown Syracuse for a meal if you had any plans of visiting that area. If you like architecture as much as I do, my hometown Cazenovia and the surrounding area is full of gorgeous mansions and old houses (and the Lincklaen Inn has amazing food too). Bouckville/Madison are small towns right outside of Caz filled to the brim with antiques!


  6. Just had to say the Strong Museum is SO much fun! Visited a few years ago and I might of had just as fun as the 4 year old ;) Have a wonderful Easter vaca ;)

  7. I live in Rochester–you will LOVE Strong Museum! My 9 year old daughter still loves going there. Check out the RMSC and the Pittsford Wegmans if you get a chance. We also have a Dinosaur BBQ, too!

  8. k I'm one of those creepy silent readers. ha. sorry. You were the first blog I've ever read- read about you in the newspaper. Anyway. SOO fun you're coming to upstate. I live in buffalo, about an hour from the strong museum (assuming that's where you're going). soooo a) can you come decorate my house, pleasethanks? and b) our girls would have fun together at the museum (dont worry, Im not going to stalk you there, just a mere suggestion and prodding for invite)

    k im 3 beers in and im going to regret this tomorow.

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