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To the right of our kitchen island we keep a stainless trash can with a step mechanism. We use that garbage bin all of the time, so I’m okay with keeping it out in full view (we don’t really have a place to tuck away the trash anyway). Our current bin is pretty standard and the look of it is not completely offensive, but the step mechanism is a little…labored, and also I feel like it doesn’t hold bin liners very well.

I’m loving the industrial look of Martha’s garbage bins, available here in white, stainless and red. I’m considering the standard 12 Gallon size in white. The best part is these are commercial-grade, so I’m the thinking they can really stand up to my cooking marathons and the clean up from my kids’ art projects.

Any other suggestions for a great-looking, super functional trash bin? My friend has this SimpleHuman butterfly style bin and loves it.

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  1. I have often thought that the sesame street metal garbage pail might be neat in a loft. What about spray painting it white? There must be a cool one to paint white. Stainless always needs to get wiped down and that butterfly thing looks like it could "sting like a bee and bite fingers off!"

  2. We have that same Simple Human butterfly bin and we love it. At first I was annoyed by the idea of spending that much on a garbage can but we've had it for 6 years now and it's held up great. Simple Human liners fit it like a glove but we often get too cheap to buy those so we make due with normal Glad bags, just needs a little twisting to keep the top secure. It does require wipe downs like any other stainless piece but it's nice and big, doesn't look offensive at the end of our island and is totally silent which is nice. The butterfly mechanism is really smooth and it doesn't snap shut at all…closes slowly. Best of all, it's great for keeping out pets and kids! Thanks for the link to the Martha ones though, I love those.

  3. I never thought I would have so much to say about a garbage can but we have the Simple Human and love it. It is actually the only think my husband registered for when we were married and 3 years in, it still looks brand new. Martha's looks awesome. If you get it, I would love to know your review. But I can definitely vouch for the Simple Human!

  4. Just got completley distracted by that cute dog! Martha knows the way to seel a bin is by putting a sweet little pooch in the pic.
    But I do agree, bins need to be durable & these look great.

  5. Another recommendation for Simple Human trash cans. I don't have the butterfly top but just love the way mine has held up. My favorite thing is that mine came with an inner heavy duty plastic liner that holds the trash bag in place. It's an excellent bonus!

  6. We use the Pottery Barn woven hamper as our trash can. I love how big it is, but bags can be hard to find. I use the Husky contractor's bags, which I think is 45 gal (gray box)…HUGE! But, it doesn't take up that much space. We have used it for four years!

  7. We got a super large one and encountered the problem of too-heavy trash bags…so keep that in mind when you fill them up! I like the ones you pictured!

  8. I love those! I just love Martha's entire kitchen. Everytime they show it in the magazine I find myself drooling over it. I especially like how she installed double islands! What a little smarty pants!

  9. I have a simple human (13 gal. I think) step trashcan and I love it! I bought it about 4 years ago and it's been going strong. One of the things I like is that it holds the bag in and also the liner comes out so you can really get it clean. My 2 cents!

  10. We have a simple human trash can with a step mechanism and locking lid. The locking lid is key for us – our 16 month old loves to throw away the phone, our keys, etc.

  11. Brabantia makes great garbage bins and they come in different sizes and dimensions. I like the slimline with the flat back the best. They have to click-lock which makes it easy for me and the smallest kids to open/close on their own. They are not beautiful but certainly are functional!

  12. I have the simple human with the step lid (not butterfly) and the liner which pulls out. I do find it has kept up over time, but it's definitely not fingerprint proof! If I were in the market again, I would get one that has two separate bins, as our local recycling program has finally become more comprehensive.

  13. Whatever you do – go "name brand" on this one. We bought the Target brand knock off of the simple human one (no butterfly but a step on mechanism) and it broke after 2 weeks. It was $50 compared to $80 but I would have much rathered pay more to have one that still works!

  14. Another happy customer of the Simple Human butterfly bin. We are cheapstakes but we splurged on this and IT IS SO WORTH IT. It is pretty and very functional and spacious yet slim and closes very gently and and and and.

  15. We also use a Simple Human – not the butterfly, but a rectangular one that butts up against the side of our fridge. We've had it for 7 years and it still works and looks like new. I have found that it's worth it to get the simple human bags though. They just fit better. Like everyone else, if you get the Martha one, please review it for us!

  16. I have the sipmlehuman stainless steel stepcan. I got it at the container store in the 12 gallon size and love it. It's going on 4 years now and it's held up like a champ. Easy step too, the kids have an easy time with it. I use Costco tall kitchen bags with the red handles and they fit perfectly.

  17. I too have a superhuman (round) and love it!! We've had it for at least 5 years. Once, the step open mechanism bent and broke, but their customer service was awesome and sent a replacement part that worked like a charm! I also use glad bags and they work just fine! Love my superhuman can!!

  18. I suggest looking at Brabantia bins. I think they're actually beautiful. We have a small stainless teel in the bathroom and a medium red retro bin in the kitchen and I love them both. And I just saw on the website that you can order them in pretty much any color you can imagine! Kind of pricey but worth checking out I think.

  19. I've always thought that stainless steel garbage cans look dirty more often than they look clean and shiny. I also have avoided step cans because once the step mechanism breaks down the garbage can is…well…garbage. If I were going to get a large one again I'd get the Metallic Jumbo Can by Umbra®. Available at the container store. I also would prefer to save $150 rather than spend it on a garbage can and this one is only $20. My only complaint would be that the round shape is less efficient than a rectangle.

  20. Are you prepared to wipe your garbage can clean frequently? Any nooks and crannies will be hard to keep clean. And since it's white it's going show grunge pretty quickly. I would go with a color if I couldn't put it in a cabinet. I have a simple human open trashcan that slides beautifully out of my cabinet and I love not having to see it.

  21. Its too funny that you asked about this because just tonight as I was cleaning the kitchen I thought to myself, "Geez, I really love this trash can. Like REALLY love it. Hmm, how odd."

    It's the "Oxo Good Grips Red Steel Rectangular Trash Can, 10-Gallon" and I bought it on Amazon.

    I love the shape, it's easy to use, holds a ton, the bags don't stick & the little contraption to hold the bag in place is genius. (and doesnt rip the bag like our old fancy stainless one did)

    If it's wrong to love your trash can then I don't want to be right because I truly do love this can.


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