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Heirloom Button Art


When my Grandma passed away about a year ago, her granddaughters were able to chose some of her jewelry to keep and remember her by. I picked a couple pairs of earrings and a brooch that belonged to her mother, my great grandmother, and a tin full of really old buttons.

I already had a few buttons that belonged to my dad’s mom, so I was excited to have a collection from both sides of my family. I’m sentimental about family things, so I knew I’d want to do something with these old buttons rather than hide them away.

My amazing sister, Ali, was visiting us this week and I thought this would be a fun project for us to tackle together. We pulled out the buttons late one night, when Evie woke up. I got her out of bed and let her join us for a bit. She was so excited by these buttons!

After Evie went back to bed, Ali and I got busy arranging the buttons on this interesting white burlap. It’s mounted on heavy paper and I’ve never seen anything like it (I got it at Bettertex fabrics in SoHo). It a nice heavy weight and the color is interesting with the white fibers on the yellow paper. I’m sure a stiff burlap or a grasscloth would work similarly.

I cut the fabric down to size and ironed it flat. Then we arranged the buttons by color in horizontal lines, but tried to be a little loose about placement so that it didn’t look overly thought out.

The top row is green, then yellows/golds, two rows of whites and creams, blues, blacks/browns/purples and then reds/pinks.

Many of the buttons had old bits of thread still in the button holes and I kept these. For contrast Ali and I threaded some of the buttons with colorful thread.

Then we cheated and fabric glued all the buttons in place. It would have taken ages to sew them all down and it would have been tricky to get the placement and spacing right. Using Fabritac to secure the buttons took about 10 minutes total and they are all holding very well.

After the glue dried, I framed the buttons in an old aluminum frame from the 60s that I got at a flea market for $1. The artwork it used to hold was nasty, but I loved the frame and thought I could change out the art. It was the perfect size for this project! Framing can be really expensive, so whenever you are at a thrift store or a flea market, keep an eye out for well made frames in standard sizes that can be reused.

I’m happy with the way this easy project came out. I like that it is colorful and has great texture. And I love that it is something that can be studied. There are lots of pretty and unique buttons. Many of them are connected to childhood memories I have of my grandmothers.

For now, I put the button art in a gallery wall arrangement above the dining table.

This space is still very much a work in process, but the buttons are a fun, graphic addition. Seeing them every day makes me smile.

What did you think?
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115 thoughts on “Heirloom Button Art

  1. The button project is great and all, but I just have to say that the best part about that post is EVIE! She is just scrumptious. Those chubby, delicious legs! You just want to take a nibble!

  2. Ok, seriously now…best idea EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could do this. Growing up, I remember hanging out in my Mimi's (my grandmother) sewing room while she sewed. She had a built in with cabinets that had mason jars full of ribbons and buttons. She tells me now, since she has moved, she has no idea where those are. Makes me so sad. I would love to have them! I would love to frame this this way:)

  3. OMG – When I was little, I played with my great-grandmother's button collection ALL THE time! I think it fostered my love of crafting. I used to sort by size, color . . . I have great memories of that collection! This art is awesome. And that baby is ridiculously cute!

  4. My grandma recently gave me a tin of buttons so this is perfect! Thanks for another great idea and tutorial!

    And i have to say, your daughter is simply adorable!

  5. Wow! I love what you did with the buttons!! What an amazing idea!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    I'm a big lover of your blog and all your helpful tips!


  6. Absolutely love it! I too inherited a button collection from my nana, I have added to it over the years, your display is simply charming.

  7. I LOVE your wall!! How do you decide which pieces get to go on there? And how do you hang them all so straight and evenly? I've tried to do something similar but it is no where near as lovely as our wall. Bravo!

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