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Kitchen Rug


I got the pink and red Persian rug in my kitchen from eSale rugs a couple months ago. I bought it on sale for about $150 (with free shipping!), which I think is a steal.

It’s Iranian, only about 60 years old and is in great condition. I love the hot pink and red with the navy!

I’ve used eSale Rugs a couple times now and I’m a big fan. I think their prices are very fair and the site is easy to navigate. And I love that they include tons of photos with each rug listing, so you really have a sense of what you’re buying before it arrives.

Their inventory is VAST, but here are a few rugs that caught my eye today. I usually look for something with at least one pop of usual color. A bonus would be something with great contrast (both black/navy and white/cream):









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29 thoughts on “Kitchen Rug

  1. Yes, I ordered one for a friend's music room and it came lickety- split and she is thrilled. Love e-sale rugs. Lots to choose from. Great speedy service.

  2. You read my mind. My eyes were set on your rug when you posted the island project. Gorgeous and what a deal. Thanks for sharing the source Jenny.

  3. Beautiful rug! but how do you keep it clean? Do you just use rug spot cleaner? I have trouble keeping my PB in-door/out-door rug clean in the kitchen and that I can wash!

  4. Can you please PLEASE please share pictures of your apartment with us??! You used to share your previous home and now we only see snippets of your projects (uhhmazing, don't get me wrong) – but for real, PLEASE?!

    nosy blog reader who basically wants to have your style :)

  5. Love your rug. I have orientals in the kitchen too. I'm looking for a hall runner (my sister took back her loaner)and haven't found one at a yard/estate sale yet so I'll try eRugs.

  6. Hi! I am asking a totally unrelated question, so please excuse me. I did a google search for painting on a blackout shade and your blog name came up. It listed you as having painted a cloud mural black out shade for another bloggers nursery. Could you help me out with some feedback? My kids share a tiny room and it is an ocean/beach theme. We live in sunny So. Cal so we use black out shades to try and get them to sleep in longer. I was thinking it would be fun to paint on them and make them more interesting. Does it hold up? I currently have plastic type shades…do they need to be something else or would primer and a good sealing keep it working? Any help you could give would be fantastic!


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