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Week in Pictures


My dad is truly the most supportive father ever. Even though I don’t think he particularly loves interior design, he reads my blog every day and calls me if I haven’t posted (seriously) first thing in the morning – you know, just to make sure I’m okay. :)

This was a couple weeks ago when my mom and dad were enjoying some nice weather up on our roof with the girls (btw, I just shot an adorable party up there that I’m excited to share with you soon!)

The day got away from me, but I don’t want to disappoint Dad by not posting, so, here are some things that caught my eye this week: (love you, dad)

I’m all about colorful lamp shades lately especially. These from IKEA are super inexpensive (about $3 ea!) and come in lots of great colors. Perfect for sconces and chandeliers.

With the exception of my orange tree, all the plants I’ve been buying lately look like they belong in a Dr. Suess book. Loved this mini palm from Home Depot:

Three trees for the price of one at IKEA!

I like putting crazy plants in more traditional pots. I picked up this crusty planter yesterday at an antique shop in NJ called Granny’s Antiques:

I’m adding a little bit of electric blue to my life this week. Can you guess where?

Spotted these ladies at Mood. My friend thought the fabric was weird. I can see her point, but think the pattern could be really amazing for just the right client on a chair, curtains or a little girls bed canopy. I like rooms to be mostly traditional, and then on second look, there’s a little bit of funk. This one feels all Gauguin meets Picasso to me.

Want another clue about what’s happening this weekend?

Loving jade and mint:

Speaking of mint, I’m working on getting some of this lovely leather in my life (I tweeted about it earlier this week. Are you on twitter?)

Though, I might also like this deep peacock/emerald leather.

Maybe some buttery black leather for a pair of Mr. Baughman’s? (definitely the world’s most comfortable chair)

Lastly, Manhattan has a Homegoods! Whoop whoop! Check out these awesome chairs. $150 each is a steal and I like that they went with neutral upholstery.

Oomph knock-off for $50! Not as pretty as the real deal, but a lot less expensive (about 90% less!)

Another look for less:

Pretty sure they were going for Anthropologie’s Astrid chair here. These are only $300! Love the Robert Allen suzani fabric too.

Off to work on some projects and start enjoying the weekend! They turned on the water features at the parks on Memorial Day. My kids are loving it (though Evie was a little unsure at first. Lots of jogging around in confusion, especially after another kid totally splashes her in the face…)

Peace out.

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33 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. Jenny you are up to all kinds of great fun. I am excited to see what comes next!!

    Some really great finds!

    Don't miss my Exciting Giveaway from Tracy Porter… last day to enter!

    Art by Karena

  2. How sweet is your dad. Mine doesn't even know what a blog is ;) You look so much like your mom! And Evie is the cutest. Enjoy your weekend – sounds like you're up to lots of fun.

  3. Love the plants ! And that leather is gorgeous. Great finds at homegoods too ! Enjoy your weekend.


  4. I love hearing about your parents. Re your dad – I will never forget your birth story post. It should be included in some sort of "What to expect" book! Wonderful post! RE your mum – I have Scandanavian heritage so I absolutely loved how you both decorated her living room.
    can't wait to hear about the party.

  5. Jenny hi from Argentina! I discovered your blog only a month ago and have spent late hours expliring past entries. What a lot of wonderful ideas, truly inspirational!!!!

  6. Jenny,
    Firstly, your folks look amazing. I love that your Dad reads your blog and I hope he reads your comments too. I think you are simply awesome and I love how your children look so happy and full of wonder and joy!

  7. Yes! Just started my twitter account moments ago, funny you mention twitter in your post today :-) just started following you, I suppose it's better late than not at all, right?! You can find me here: @OurSoundHome

  8. The Gauguin like red fabric is absolutely great, i love it, i can really imagine it in a girl's room! Love your blog, very inspiring on so many levels :) Have a great weekend..

  9. What a great week! I love the planter. Both the plants from the Home Depot and Ikea look to be the same varietal. They are corn plants (Dracaena fragrans). They are lovely plants and so easy to care for.

  10. It's too bad we don't live closer! Mckenna and Evie would be best friends! They look so much alike.
    I think I need some of those plants for my classroom. Even though I don't teach reading I love the Dr. Suess feel.

  11. You need some new friends (just kidding :) That print is from Ratti- only the the most fabulous print house in the universe! Never met an Italian fabric I didn't want to marry.

  12. Amazing finds! Actually the fabric reminds me more of The Red Room by Matisse, don't you think? :)

  13. I love the photo of your parents and the girls. Everyone is gorgeous!! I can't believe how long Grace's hair is. And Claire looks like a little lady! Great info on the plants from IKEA. I never even think to look at plants there. I am dying to get my first home and head straight to Home Goods due to all of your great advice.

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