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Happy Friday and More Bookshelves…


Guess what? It’s the weekend!!

Thank you so much for your kind words about yesterday’s post. That was a fun project, mostly because I have a serious soft spot for bookshelves. I’ve been so surprised at how much I LOVE having all our books in one place. The wall of books is functionally very nice (to keep them all together), but it also packs a big, graphic, visual punch. It’s no wonder some of my favorite home inspiration images are of huge bookshelves.

Here are a few that I love and haven’t shared here before:

design by Veere Grenney via House and Home

Sunset Magazine

design by Selldorf Architects via CocoCozy

Jan Showers

Also, thanks for your support with my first week of posting on Babble! Today I shared my favorite tool for quickly, cleanly painting the backs of bookshelves. Even though I had to do SIX (!!) coats of primer and paint on my arched bookshelves, this tool made the effort minimal. Hint: no taping or brushes are involved!

Happy Friday, friends! xoxoxo

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14 thoughts on “Happy Friday and More Bookshelves…

  1. I read a lot of design blogs, so it's saying a lot when I tell you that I have not ever seen a single one of those images!! LOVELY!! That's one of the things I love most about lgn – you show fresh images or you help me to look at recycled images with fresh eyes.

    You're a genius blogger and I hope you never quit this site.


  2. When I purchase my own house, I plan to have a huge wall dedicated to being a bookcase. Thanks for the fantastic photos and ideas!

  3. Thanks so much for this, Jenny! I think you're a genius and you're always posting inspirational ideas that are "just what I needed!" (Like I was just thinking of doing a wall of Billy bookcases in my home, but wondered how to dress it up…. Voilà! LGN has the answer!) Thanks so much! You made my day… and you often do!


  4. I am in LUST with all of the black shelving! Totally unexpected and completely glamorous! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing such lovely inspiration!


  5. I didn't even realized that such a tool exists. I usually get lost in stores like home depot because as a novice in diy it's difficult too know which tools would be the most suitable for my projects. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Jenny !

  6. I LOVE bookshelves! I have been thinking of putting bookshelves on two whole walls in our living room, and these photos are great inspiration! Except the one with the pictures hanging on the shelves, I am not sure I like that. Besides I'd probably make them fall while grabbing books, I can be a bit of a klutz.

  7. I love cubby like book shelves like the 3rd image down.
    Fantastic images – hope you are having a great weekend. Perhaps a project completed or maybe a little extra sleep…whatever you do, enjoy!

  8. there is a product i came across the other day ( cant remember the name of course ) for painting over old formica countertops. it works very well from the reviews i read and they said it does equally as well over masonite, mdf and other slick / smooth surfaces. im sure goggling painted formica would find it.

  9. LOVE the bookshelves.

    My husband and I have attempted to start your project on our own Billys. When we went to buy primer, the store owner suggested simply sanding down the Billys, as he felt primer would never stick.

    Is there a reason you opted for priming rather than sanding?

    Thanks for a wonderful blog!!

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