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New Settee


I was a busy little bee this weekend, running around trying to get ready for a client install this week. Saturday I stopped by the Chelsea Flea (which, did you hear? This is their last month in the parking garage? Beginning in September they move down a block to an outdoor lot and I’m not excited.) **UPDATE: The garage will continue to operate as a weekend flea market on a month to month basis going forward! Yay!**

Anyway, I found lots of art and accessories for the installation, but I also found this pretty little settee that I couldn’t pass up.

Here’s the back view. I love the little nail heads! They are super teeny and cute. Can you believe our luck in somehow getting a handicap accessible minivan cab? I wish that would work out for me every trip to the flea market! It was so easy to load in and out all of our finds!

I was hoping the settee would fit on the little wall next to my pantry, but it doesn’t really. So I moved the entry console to the pantry wall and put the new settee in it’s place. Now it’s a perfect for putting on shoes.

(sorry for the nighttime photos…)

Isn’t it so CUTE and so little?! I love the scale!!

The leather is in bad shape so I’ll need to add it to the list of pieces to reupholster. Wouldn’t tomato red linen look beautiful with the mahogany wood frame? I have some inspiration images in mind that I’ll need to dig up to share. Also considering black and white stripes.

How was your weekend? Is it just me or is 2011 absolutely flying by?

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45 thoughts on “New Settee

  1. I love your little find. Wish there was more of flea markets in Scotland. Can't wait to see how you're going to reupholster this little gem:)

  2. It's really hard to find small scale furniture like that. I love it. The color isn't that bad either, sorry to hear it needs an update. I can imagine some fun colors too Orange print could be an idea.

  3. Love the settee–and what a perfect spot for it too! I'd love to know what kind of plant you have potted on your console chest? Any chance it's shade-loving? I'd love to find something that could survive my fairly dark entryway.

  4. What a score! Tomato red linen would be perfect in your space! I really love how everything looks 'collected' in your space. So, so pretty.

  5. What a lovely find. That settee is a beautiful piece. I quite like it as is. It's not my favourite colour but it actually works exceptionally well once in situ.

    The condition looks pretty good in the photos from what I can see, but I can't wait to see it once you up date it.

    Sandy K

  6. I love the Antiques Garage, it's sad they will be moving outside though. I guess they will have to change the name.

    Do you happen to know the story of the green lady? She fascinates me…

  7. love the settee. too cute. i think the color it is now is perfect with the pillows and the dresser. maybe a different fabric, but the same color palette.

  8. Jenny! I'm dying! That is such perfection – and those cute sandals underneath don't hurt either. The legs on it are divine, aren't they?

  9. I love this! I had a settee at the base of my bed growing up kind of like this only beautifully upholstered in velvet….wish I still had it!

    A question about your inspiration photos–do you have a good way to organize them? I am now trying to scan and organize my collection of saved magazine articles and it is a nightmare. It just takes forever. I use them and want to save them, but, ah, the paper is taking over! Do you save an entire magazine or rip out what you love? How do you keep things orderly?


  10. I gasped when I saw that settee picture!!! It's adorable! You've inspired me, so if anyone's looking for me I'll be turning an old mid-century coffee table into a bench . . . postively addicted to your site! xo, Shannon

  11. I have such a soft spot for camel back sofas. One day I hope to replace my mid century couch with a camel back covered in a colorful pattern.

    everything is looking so good Jenny. Love it!

  12. That settee is adorable, such a gorgeous shape! I've never thought of getting a taxi back from a flea market…though it does mean that I've walked away from stalls where I could have spent a lot of money…my boyfriend'll be grateful :D

  13. t's so cute! I wish a had a good flea market around. I did however find a table in our attic that I used to make desk in our bedroom. I also made a little bed area for the baby and painted his high chair so that is goes with the rest of the chairs.
    And as for 2011, I had a baby in the beginning of January and that seems like forever ago, so for me 2011 is a reasonably slow year.

  14. So lucky for finding that cab! The settee is adorable and 2011 is certainly flying by. You made me want to take my 5yo son and show him the flea market. Have you ever went flea-marketing with your kids? How was it?

  15. I love the settee what a great find! The scale is perfect! Black and white stripes would look divine with the print on the pillows.

  16. OBSESSED! what a great find! i am glad you snatched up that settee – it looks fantastic in your place.

    just a little jealous :)

  17. Love reading your blog and your posts on Babble. Can you do a post now on your favorite beds/headboards?? I am struggling with that one!!! :)

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