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Reflections on Anthropologie (that’s a double meaning right there!)

It’s weird, I am always so inspired when I go into an Anthropologie store or when I look at their catalogs, but I actually don’t totally love most of their home offerings. Their bedding is too crazy. Most of their rugs look like the floral ones on Overstock at twenty times the cost. And I wish their upholstery collection was more reasonably priced and was a little more classic with a twist (like their clothes) rather than all twist with just a shadow of classic (ahem). Remember the clean-lined Ditte sofa in solid mustard linen from ages ago? More pieces like that please!

Complaints aside, I did really love this cover from the last Anthropologie catalog. Check out the cool paint treatment mimicking the lines of the mirror. I’m thinking this gray/black/white combo would be amazing in an entry or a powder bath. (kind of reminds me of Naomi’s entry)

And how gorgeous would this mirror be with a coat of flat black paint? It could work perfectly for a similar look.

PS Today on Babble I rounded up my very most favorite inexpensive mirrors!

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27 thoughts on “Reflections on Anthropologie (that’s a double meaning right there!)

  1. I find myself very inspired by Anthropologie as well {especially the store window and merchandising}.

    I almost never buy anything there though, not because of the style {you should have had a warning on the sofa link – scary} but more because the quality is much lower than their high price tags would suggest.

  2. I love Anthro, but agree that for larger home items, they're too over the top for the price. For furniture and bedding, I personally want things that I'm not going to get tired of very quickly. I love their home accent pieces though, and the cost is much more justifiable.

  3. Such an accurate comment on Anthro. I love the store to death, but I always find myself more inspired by their genius visual displays than the products themselves! And at their prices, thank goodness inspiration is free :)

  4. This cracked me up. I LOVE so much of what they have. I am a huge fan of their clothes and some of their accessories. What I can not handle is their catalog. The last one I looked at I actually tossed down and said to my hubby, "It's just kinda creepy!" I will stick to browsing through the sale section of clothes!

  5. I feel the same way. I think Anthro's home selection and specifically their furniture has really gone downhill over the past few years. I worked at one of the Chicago stores in 2008 and loved it and the furniture at the time (great discounts!) but it's really changed and become even more expensive (is that even possible?) and weirder instead of feminine. Instead I look to them for inspiration for DIY ideas. In fact I have been known to secretly take pics with my iphone in the store to reference later for ideas!


  6. Thanks for the shout out Jenny!

    I like many of Anthro's furniture pieces in theory, but most are too busy and WAY overpriced. (And this is coming from someone who gets a hefty friends and family discount!)

    PS- if Anthro was smart they'd offer a trade discount.

  7. i totally agree about anthro's furniture. who can spend $6,000 on a couch that is going to go out of style so quickly. i will say, i love their dishes and tea towels.

  8. I charged my "creative" batteries every time I get one of those on my mail box..but I know what your saying some stuff is just a little to over (don't mind the colorful linens thou) ;)

  9. Hey Lady – I am totally with you on Anthro. I went in recently and found this great simple blown glass pendant. It was one of the simpler items they had but when I inquired about the price it was over $700. A little ridiculous for the size and simplicity. But I still love their catalogs and style. Thanks for the mirror roundup too!

  10. I would completely agree! The Anthro home things I'm drawn too are either the reclaimed woods or the less "busy" textiles. Loved you're going against the grain on this one….cause I've often felt alone in these sentiments!

  11. I'm totally with you on this…all of it. From loving the classic clothes with a twist to not usually being super duper impressed with the home goods. plus SO expensive…a couch for over $6,000! ekkk

  12. Mirrors are essential in a city apartment, especially NYC; they provide "windows" in othjrwise dark interior rooms, as well as expanding the perceived spatial limitations.

    BTW, you note "Another Scalloped Mirror" on Babble, but do not say were it can be obtained.

  13. I too love browsing Anthro because of the great inspiration. Their style is more what I would have had in my single years and not so much what I have currently in my home, but for some reason I find their stores so serene. Their display windows always seem to have a sort of mellow/funky vibe that I love, but I have to say that I'm not a fan of their catalogs. I wish they were more similar to the in-store design but I only seem to get about half of the catalogs they send out anyway no matter how many times I've signed up :)

  14. I'm so glad you posted this!! I agree that the visual impact and styling of their stores and catalogs is very cool, interesting, and inspiring, but the actual items themselves are definitely overpriced (especially the larger things). Everyone everywhere is always raving about them, but I agree with your opinion.

  15. Long time reader first time commenting. Well stated! I felt the same way on my latest trip to Restoration Hardware. They need some color on that showroom floor! I love so much the idea but the implementation nearly kills the design. That is one of the drawbacks to mass production. That is why it is so important to infuse personality into a space because without it all you have is a showroom.

  16. Rightly put! I had always loved Anthroplogie, and found their knitwear were exceptionally innovative. Now it had became quite mumsy. As for homewear, can only afford door knobs! There should be some store that sells in-expensive furnitures like ikea prices and in hollywood regency style or modernist styles! I guess I am only dreaming!

  17. I laughed when I read your comment on their bedding — it's so true how they only have crazy prints in their collection. I scored one shelving unit from Anthropologie on sale, but otherwise have steered away from big pieces because they're either too expensive or feel too trendy.

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