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I see a chalk board in my future


Before I had a chance to get completely sick of seeing chalkboards and chalkboard paint on anything and everything, I was in love with this image.

The home was first published in O at Home and then in Cottage Style (the second image) and I remember reading that the owner had collected a lot of her furniture and art in Europe. It seems like she said she found the mirror at an antique store in Switzerland, but the glass broke so she made it in to a chalkboard. I LOOOOOVED the shape of that mirror. It’s like all swoosh and no line on the frame, which makes it feel almost a little more modern maybe?

scans lifted from here.

Anyway I loved it but never thought it could be mine bc of the whole Europe/antique thing. Fast forward like 5 years to last week. I was at Meeker Ave Flea Market with some friends when… Wait. What’s this. Is this the? Could it be??

The exact same mirror! It’s enormous and crazy heavy (the frame is cast iron). I bought a bunch of stuff that day for clients and my pals at Meeker gave me good pricing for the whole haul, so I’m telling myself the mirror was basically free even though it was really about $100.

I have more mirrors than I could ever possibly hang, so I’m going to make this one into a chalkboard for my apartment (I know I’m a copy cat). Top color choices of the moment include black, navy or the old school chalkboard greeny emerald color.

Now, to figure out what to do for the writing surface… I should probably take the mirror out, and replace it with mdf… Not a good idea to just paint over the glass, right? Or could I?

What did you think?
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60 thoughts on “I see a chalk board in my future

  1. gorgeous! i did the mirror turned chalkboard thing for our kitchen and painted right over the glass…just spray paint primed the surface to give the chalkboard paint something to grip to. can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I remember both of those pictures. I loved them when i first saw them and still love them today! Love the mirror you found. Looking forward to seeing it turned into a chalkboard.

  3. I think you can buy chalkboard in self adhesive sheets. This way you wouldn't ruin the integrity of the piece should you ever decide to use it as a mirror.

  4. Jenny,
    You can absolutely paint over the glass. Have you seen Hudson chalkboard paints? They come in some amazing colors. Please show us your board when finished because I love a good mirror makeover.

  5. I flipped a mirror over and painted the back with chalkboard paint and it worked fine. Didn't even prime it. Just used chalkboard spray paint. Love the lines of that mirror. Great find!

  6. x-i-m makes an adhesive primer that is designed to stick to glossy surfaces. it comes in clear or a white that can be tinted to a dark gray. it's oil-based and stinks, but it sticks to anything, including glass, tile, and formica. that's what i used to prime an old window that i turned into a chalkboard.

  7. What about if you painted the mirror, but left little sections out to shine through? For instance, you could mask out "THINGS TO DO" on top, and paint the rest, and the type would appear in the original mirror.

  8. I've been thinking how it would work to "chalkboard" the refrigerator in the kitchen……..for lists and such? Maybe I'll try it just before it breaks and we have to replace it.

  9. ive turned a mirror into a chalkboard by painting the back side with chalkboard spray paint and flipping it around so i could someday (bc i know i'll change my mind!)use as a mirror! perfection! great mirror find!! i didn't even primer first!

  10. I turned a mirror into a chalk board once. I took the mirror out-flipped it to the other side & chalk painted that, so then if I ever wanted my mirror back I could just flip it back around.

  11. I painted over an old mirror and didn't even prime. The chalkboard paint that I rolled on stuck great. Much easier than trying to change out the surface.

  12. What luck! Absolutely don't paint over the mirror, just keep it tucked away. You could even stack it behind the chalkboard. That way, you really could keep it forever and use it in lots of ways. As you know, mirror cut to a shape like that isn't only expensive, but if it's original, old and beautiful, as well.

  13. It's such a gorgeous mirror that I would hesitate painting it in case you want to switch it back some day. Why not just save the mirror and replace it with a piece of lightweight plexi or plywood/MDF, like you suggested.

    It reminds me of the IKEA frame you chalkboarded up (new word!) for your Mom. And that I shamelessly stole…


    And how pretty is that collection of still life florals? Love it!

  14. I think I would go mdf, my luck I would be writing on it and the weight of the mirror would make it crash to the floor! That would be sad.

  15. I think even if you put primer down, if you have a sharp piece of chalk, it will scratch the paint off.

  16. I have painted chalkboard paint over glass. Just makes sure it is hung securely, don't want it falling down and shattering! I would just use a high adhesive primer first then a few coats of chalkboard paint! I think it is an amazing find!

  17. I love the shape of that mirror! For such a heavy that was a great price. It's going to look great as a chalkboard. I like the idea of navy chalkboard paint. It would be so gorg with the gold frame.

  18. Speaking of a "greeny emerald color" that's the shade of my envy at your fabulous find. What a sensational piece, and great deal!

  19. Just yesterday I saw chalkboard paint at Michael's in aqua, pink, and a couple of other colors, if I remember correctly, as well as the traditional colors (Martha Stewart brand, I believe). I think the richer colors would look amazing with a gold frame, though.

  20. I had a chalkboard in my last house and used it all.the.time. It was the best place for a grocery list/things to do because I could always see it. I think you will enjoy it, plus yours will be gorgeous. Great find!

  21. I also have these photos in one my inspiration folders, I immediately fell in love with this space! I've also sprayed over the mirror to make a chalkboard too, it'll totally work but maybe if you used the MDF the piece would be lighter. Your mirror is awesome!

  22. I saved that pic too, but I cannot believe you found the EXACT SAME MIRROR! I didn't them side by side but they how is that even possible? Too awesome…. was totally meant to be

    I've painted over glass and it sounded funny when we wrote on it (I think someone else said that too). So I'd flip it over in case you want to reuse in the future.

    Speaking of- have you seen the new White Board paint as well? So fun!

  23. You can totally paint right over the glass! I did a few years ago on a mirror of mine. I can't say it's the safest thing in the world (with kiddos), but it's help up really well! I simply primed the mirror with Kilz and painted the chalkboard right on. So simple and stress-free!

  24. You actually gave me this idea with the stickered wallpaper post- I have a huge wall with mirrors (it's a rental). I put contact paper over it and then painted it with the chalkboard paint. It worked great and it's easy to peel off when done. Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  25. Wow what an amazing find!! I already know its going to look amazing! We have one chalkboard and its a picture frame, I painted directly over the glass, no issues at all

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