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I see a chalk board in my future


Before I had a chance to get completely sick of seeing chalkboards and chalkboard paint on anything and everything, I was in love with this image.

The home was first published in O at Home and then in Cottage Style (the second image) and I remember reading that the owner had collected a lot of her furniture and art in Europe. It seems like she said she found the mirror at an antique store in Switzerland, but the glass broke so she made it in to a chalkboard. I LOOOOOVED the shape of that mirror. It’s like all swoosh and no line on the frame, which makes it feel almost a little more modern maybe?

scans lifted from here.

Anyway I loved it but never thought it could be mine bc of the whole Europe/antique thing. Fast forward like 5 years to last week. I was at Meeker Ave Flea Market with some friends when… Wait. What’s this. Is this the? Could it be??

The exact same mirror! It’s enormous and crazy heavy (the frame is cast iron). I bought a bunch of stuff that day for clients and my pals at Meeker gave me good pricing for the whole haul, so I’m telling myself the mirror was basically free even though it was really about $100.

I have more mirrors than I could ever possibly hang, so I’m going to make this one into a chalkboard for my apartment (I know I’m a copy cat). Top color choices of the moment include black, navy or the old school chalkboard greeny emerald color.

Now, to figure out what to do for the writing surface… I should probably take the mirror out, and replace it with mdf… Not a good idea to just paint over the glass, right? Or could I?

What did you think?
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60 thoughts on “I see a chalk board in my future

  1. I can't believe you found that mirror. I've never painted over mirror but that seems that easiest. You actually blogged about the big chalkboard I made a couple years back..we replaced the mirror with sheet metal and I painted over it..just so that it would be magnetic.

    Hope all is well with you.

    xx – CB

  2. Yes, I have painted right on the glass many many times. You will love your chalkboard! I have one in my home in black with the gold, modern and traditional all at once. LOVE LOVE your blog, pls keep us posted! xoxo!

  3. MDF is too heavy, and too grainy to write on/ lighten it up a bit with a piece of birth plywood, very lightweight and smooth.

  4. Hi Jenny! I just did a chalkboard in a huge, vintage frame. I just attached the frame to the wall first and then painted the wall itself. It worked beautifully! Let us know how it turns out!

  5. I'm a bit late to this party – but if weight really is an issue, you can paint a piece of black foamcore. We just did this here at work for a chalkboard and it worked great. Otherwise, yeah – paint the mirror! Awesome find :)

  6. I agree – chalkboard paint is overdone sometimes However, we used chalkboard paint to cover up some ugly decorative tiles (wine bottle + grapes + picnic basket) in our kitchen and we get so many compliments on it. I'll post a picture sometime.
    The Paper Road

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