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It’s Called Dura-Lar


Hey, good news! I made some phone calls and tracked down the name of the silver sticky paper I used for my lamp shade liner in yesterday post. It’s called Dura-Lar and it’s about $7 a yard (27″ wide) and it’s available in both silver and gold.

The gold option is especially exciting to me. It made me remember this wall in the Kate Spade store on Broome. Shiny gold stripes! Can’t you imagine this in a powder bath? It would be a pretty cheap project too. Seems like you could get 14 or so full wall-length stripes for about $20, right? Not bad.

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17 thoughts on “It’s Called Dura-Lar

  1. I am so wanting to "silver" the walls of my dining room above the chair rail. Do you think this product could actually work as a wall paper or would the effect be too much like mirrored walls on drugs? I have a geometric paper design below in gray and soft silver so I really cannot do the striped effect.

  2. Good morning! Up early here in California to see if I could get on Target for Missoni — of course it crashed already! Anyways, clicked on your site and was so excited to see that you found the source of the paper! I was happy already when you responded to my question about the paper yesterday. Did some researching myself and all I could find was Grafix, which has the mirror-like metallic finish but in much smaller sizes. I have a large Anthropologie lampshade that sits on top on a taller dresser in my young daughter’s room and it’s always bugged me to see the inside. It’s the embroidered peacock shade with a bit of gold thread. The gold foil was just what I was hoping for! Thanks so much!!

  3. I can't thank you enough! My son has been asking for a "gold" room for a year now and he means the real deal–not the yellow-gold paint. This is perfect! I'm thinking some horizontal stripes. I am so excited!

  4. Thank you. Eddie Ross featured a chandelier with metallic lined shades, that also has a marble pattern. The possibilities are endless.

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