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Summer is Gone


I know it’s officially been fall for a few weeks now, but I am still mourning the passing of summer. I blinked and it was over! I didn’t even have a chance to get sick of the heat. It came and went so fast I didn’t really even put away my winter clothes! This week there is definitely a chill in the air and we’ve started wearing layers again. Sigh. :(

I was daydreaming about all the things I love about warm weather and I remembered these photos from a party we had on our rooftop.

Balloons are such a cheap and easy way to decorate, and they’re even cheaper if you don’t have them filled with helium! Party stores usually sell balloons flat for about 10 cents each. I picked up six of each in ivory, peach, baby pink, medium pink, neon pink, dark pink and maroon.

I blew up the balloons myself (and almost passed out in the process – scary feeling on top of a roof, btw) and then I poked a hole with a knife in the leftover portion below the knot.

Then I threaded a 5-foot piece of twine through the new hole and knotted the twine to secure the balloon. Then just repeated with 4-6 balloons of the same color per string, spaced about 8″ apart.

Then I hung the strings of balloons in an ombre pattern on our gazebo/trellis thing. It would be just as easy to string another piece of twine between two trees, etc.

Fun, cheap and easy! It made a thrown-together dinner party feel really special.

What did you think?
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40 thoughts on “Summer is Gone

  1. "thrown" together….I would love to see what you would do if you really labored over something….
    you crack me up….as well as inspire me.

  2. Simple, but oh so cute! You are so creative….Maybe if I read your blog long enough, some of it will rub off on me! I can dream, right? :-)

  3. I love this. You neve talk about party planning. i always use balloons as a cheap and sweet decoration. I even used them for my wedding a la Martha Stewart.

  4. That is pretty near perfect looking! I love this idea, and if I ever start entertaining again, I may have to try it. So pretty!

  5. Seriously, when aren't you doing amazing and out of the ordinary things? It seems like everything you touch turns to gold. Or whatever color you have in mind. Thanks for the inspiring photo – I have a party to throw this weekend and balloons will definitely be incorporated.

  6. Love the colors, simple is always best! Spring here in Argentina so this idea will soon be seen in my garden! Thanks Jenny, I am a LGN Fan! Angie

  7. that is cute :)

    What a cool backdrop you have! I am from the south and I do love the country, but I find myself bored with the scenery (every once in a while) and craving something different to look at! I wonder…could you ever get tired of a view with tall, soaring buildings?? I am fascinated with the City!!


  8. I LOVE this table scape!!! Where did you get the fabulous table cloth? Did you make it? If so, which fabric is it?

  9. love them! And quite amazed that I read this post yesterday, and last night went onto Pinterest, and there they were! PINNED!

  10. that just changed my life. i just used $1/balloon for a baby shower recently and didn't even know what to do with them. i'll do this next time for shiz.

  11. Beautiful dinner table! I love the balloons. I hope I remember this post for my next outdoor dinner party which will probably be next year.

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