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I love the look of acrylic frames with metal fasteners (especially brass) in the corners. It’s such a unique way to display art, but still neutral enough to let your art be the star.

I was excited to find a really affordable collection of these frames at MUJI (which is a beautiful store – feels sort of like the Japanese version of IKEA).

The largest size is about 12×16, so not huge, but still pretty good size. Perfect for an 8×10 or even a little bigger. If you have some tips on REALLY big acrylic frames, I’m all ears. I have a series of hand-painted panels that I’d love to frame this way. I found some huge sheets at Home Depot that I’m going to go investigate.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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26 thoughts on “Acrylic Frames

  1. LOVE this idea! The posters from Etsy that you posted earlier in the week would look lovely in these as well- especially in a super huge one! Please repost if you hear of any! I also like the idea of these for prints like you said!

  2. most acrylic fabricators can cut you a piece of acrylic (custom sizes). they also make great table tops or shelves if you have kids and don't want to use glass. you can get them with the green edges also if you want that glass look. or without. also, great for plate stands or risers (minimalist). just remember, you can not use windex to clean them. over time they develop a film. kelly

  3. Years ago, my mother framed a group of old doilies in acrylic, with just little silver clips. I'm sure it was done with those HD sheets.I loved the combo of 'granny' and modern. Can't wait to see your results!

  4. At my museum we do this all the time. We get the acrylic from a fabricator. We hang it with clear mirror clips. It alwyas looks great. Nice and clean.

  5. Jenny- I would love to have more info on how to inexpensively hang big pieces! I am wanting to blow up an artsy picture of my girls (36×48), but framing is soooo expensive. Please keep us posted on ideas for those of us on a budget (or a zero budget!)

  6. I've been wanting acrylic frames (that look nice, not the cheapy looking photo holding magnets and the like) but hadn't found a good source. I did find some at home depot but haven't used it yet. I'm definitely looking forward to your tips.

  7. Jenny:

    I have a large (31 x 115) hand painted Chinese wallpaper panel that I intend to frame this way. I've done a lot of investigating into how to do frame a panel of that size affordably. Below is my plan:

    Crystal clear plexi is the most expensive part of the process. I got multiple quotes for a piece of plexi the size I need: 1/8 thick, 31 wide, 115 tall. I intend to get my plexi from Clinton Glass, on 9th Avenue. My local hardware store will provide masonite cut to the same measurements, for $25. I intend to use swiss clips, at $6 per pack, and from, where I also got your silver adhesive Duralar paper. I'll put the masonite on the back, roll out the panel, place the plexi on top, and clip the pieces together with the swiss clips.

    All in, my hand painted panel would have cost over $1,500 to frame. The plexi/masonite combo comes in at $135. Not bad! To create a plexi sandwich, instead of a plexi-art-masonite sandwich, would add about another $100. Clinton Glass will do the bracket attaching for you. Not a bad way to go, either.

    It won't be *exactly* the same, as I'm not going to make the plexi oversized of my art to add the brass brackets, but it's quite doable, totally not permanent, and a relatively quick fix for not much cash.

    (By the way, according to the framing stores I've been visiting, glass, when cut that size, will crack if left leaning on a wall, which is how I intend to display the panel I have.)

    Good luck with your choices, and let me know if you want to go to Clinton Glass this weekend.


  8. I framed some big photos of my kids with a sheet of metal on the back and a thin sheet of Plexiglas on the front — the frames are about 30 inches square. The fabricators drilled holes for me, and I connected the front and back with bolts. Each frame cost about $30 total, which seems totally reasonable considering how large the art is.

  9. I've never seen this style of framing! There's a place here in San Francisco (That's a chain, I think) called Tap Plastic. They have everything a girl could ever want in acrylic, and if they don't they'll make it for you on site – affordable, too! I recently had a top cut for a bookchelf in FDA grade cutting board plastic for $20! They drilled the holes, trimmed the corners to match my bookshelf (now a small bar) and everything!

    Hope this helps ♥

  10. it’s very nice idea!I have never seen these before! I love the classic sleek look. Very unique – thank you very much for sharing this!

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