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DIY Sunburst Mirrors (using SHIMS!!)

I’ve been trying to step away from the Pinterest lately (old habits die hard). My motto in helping me conquer the beast is “10% Inspiration, 90% Perspiration.” (I talked a little about this in my Alt panel.) But apparently I need to come up for air more often, because there is some magic happening in the blog world that I was completely unaware of.
Look at all these GREAT sunburst mirrors made from those cheapy packets of shims from the hardware store! Most of these finished mirrors are really quite big (22 – 40″ in diameter) and the supplies cost less than $30! What the WHAT.
Natalie Roe and her sister, Rachel, emailed me a link to their version HERE. I love the staggered edges.
This Old House (do I like this one. Or not…)
Westerman Family (love the gray stain!)
K Sarah Designs (I love how big the mirror is on this one. It feels a little more functional than decorative. PS, love the styling.)
Momtastic (I’m more of a gold sunburst mirror type gal, but I really like this white painted version! And how pretty does it look hanging on top of the canopy curtains? Really cute.)
Did I miss any of your favorite shim sunburst tutorials?
What did you think?
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25 thoughts on “DIY Sunburst Mirrors (using SHIMS!!)

  1. I can't even believe how clever these mirrors are. I must have been taking an unconscious break from Pinterest too because this is the first I'm seeing. But you better believe I've found my weekend project. Love it!

  2. Thank you for featuring my mirror! I've been following your blog for a long time (and am such a fan of your work!) so this was a pretty awesome surprise. Thank you!

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