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Good Hotel Bedding


I will never tire of classic embroidered linens. These below from Schweitzer Linen are really amazing. The red is clear and bright (avoid those muddy rusts at Pottery Barn!) and the triple line is just perfection.

This photo is from West Elm’s recent interview of decorator Nick Olsen (of Miles Redd/Domino fame). He is so gosh darn talented. Check out the interview here.
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10 thoughts on “Good Hotel Bedding

  1. I did a fun DIY using pantone's color of the year. You always inspire me to get off my butt and try a project . Thanks!Happy New Years!

  2. I love the bedding, but I don't care for that bedroom. When I think of a bedroom, I think of a relaxing getaway. The green awning walls, electric purple chair, bright red bedding, yellow lamp base, and the map covered table-thing clash in a non-relaxing way. I always have to be the voice of dissent… yep, always THAT guy.

  3. The bedding is nice! I would so have it on my bed right now, but my little one climbs in to my bed too often with her dirty little feet and fingers too often. It would drive me crazy trying to keep it clean.

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