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Joanna's Bedroom


It was so fun decorating Joanna Goddard’s living room and nursery last year, I jumped at the chance to work with her and her super-cool husband, Alex, on their West Village apartment’s master bedroom. The room before we started was lovely and simple, but Joanna told me she really wanted to add more color and energy to the space, which made sense because she works in there a lot.

I thought I’d share all the after photos here and through out the week I’ll share details on the DIY projects and sources. Come back in a few hours for info on Joanna’s rugs and our inspiration starting out point.
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  1. So pretty – I love what you did with the family photographs and storage space. What fun to do a project a with Joanna – I'm a huge fan of her (and yours too!) blog. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

  2. so much to love…how the gallery wall extends above the door, the gree accents on the armoire, the bedding…the wall sconces….amazing!!! all of it!!

  3. Love to see your rooms all finished! Looking forward to reading about the details too. Thanks for being one of my great go-to bloggers. You're fab!

  4. Jenny, you've created a space I could move into tomorrow (except it's not my bedroom). So warm and inviting, with lots of fun accessories to brighten it up. LOVE that you've used blinds instead of curtains. The natural light really showcases your work!

  5. A wonderful room, Jenny. I look forward to the related posts. I have still not come across any other design blog whose style I love as much as yours. Keep up the good work.

  6. I'm on pins and needles to hear about the headboard. I've seen your tufted headboard diy, but I'm particularly interested in the fabric used for this one. It's exactly what I'm looking for!!

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments, friends! Joanna and I had a lot of fun putting together this room on a budget. I'll be sure to answer your questions here in posts to come later this week.

  8. i love all the framed photos on the wall. do you have any advice on how to place frames on a wall like that? is there some "rule" to follow? i want to do something like that in my home but i'm afraid!


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