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Josef Frank Ceylon Fabric Pillow

Joanna and I both share a love of Josef Frank textiles. The designs are so gorgeous! But the fabric is really hard to find and it is extremely expensive. We splurged on one yard of the Ceylon print at Just Scandinavian in Tribeca.
We used this down blend insert from Pottery Barn Teen because the dimensions were perfect for one long pillow on Joanna and Alex’s queen size bed (most body pillows would have been too long). I really love the look of a single pillow on a bed. It’s so unfussy – and it was a great way to maximize our yard of Josef Frank fabric.
We used black piping on the edges for a bit of contrast.
Here are some affordable fabrics with a Josef Frank vibe that would also look pretty and graphic on a big pillow.
What did you think?
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42 thoughts on “Josef Frank Ceylon Fabric Pillow

  1. Not sure what's more accessible for you, but Hobby Lobby caries a child-sized body pillow insert that gives you the same vibe. Beautiful fabric and bed!

  2. i love this bedroom! and i love how you are breaking it down. this post could not have been more timely…i have looking for fabrics for a bedroom project i am working on! i am going to get a sample of that stroheim fabric today! thank you for sharing!

  3. Beautiful fabrics. A tip for the pillows: they are actually easy to shorten, just add a stitch where you want the pillow to end and cut the rest off! Sleeping pillows can be turned into two really inexpensive throw pillows too.

  4. Gorgeous! I loved this post, Jenny! I was wondering…maybe you could do a post on some alternatives to the ever popular and ever lovely Chiang Mai fabric? Just a thought…I love Chiang Mai buts it expensive and everywhere. Would love to know of alternatives. Please and thank you!

  5. I'm so sad. None of your pictures ever show up on my screen, thought it was a fluke one day, but have been checking back with no luck :(
    I want to seeeee!

  6. All those fabrics are so beautiful, I especially love the aqua one. Just curious Jenny, did you DIY the headboard or did Joanna have it already? I'm considering a tufted headboard for my daughters room but I'm nervous that it will be a much bigger undertaking in reality than it looks online.

  7. Hey Jenny, love the colours and fabrics chosen for Joanna's bedroom. Any chance you have some more destashing/selling to do again soon??

  8. oh my gosh! i had pillows made with that Euphoria in Aqua pattern… i didn't know you could buy online. I had seen it in a Robin Bruce book when looking at sofas. thank you so much for this resource. (WAY cheaper here)

  9. i MUST know who that photograph above the bed is by. This is exactly what I am looking for above my living room sectional…please share your source :)

  10. So gorgeous! I came here by way of Apartment Therapy and am dying to see a post on how you did the tufted headboard. Please please!! :)

  11. Such gorgeous fabrics, I love all the colors, especially those that blend some of the primary colors so well. You really maximized the fabric, it makes a beautiful bedding statement!

  12. Disappointing. I was signposted here from another site and was hoping to see how I could make the pillow case as I’ve no sewing experience.

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