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The Ultimate Luxury: D. Porthault Linens


Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Coco Chanel all used D. Porthault bed linens. They are uber luxurious, and come with a price tag to match.

The company has a big white sale twice a year and the next one starts this coming Monday, the 16th. I’ve been dying to go and just see if there’s anything even remotely affordable. After all, 40-80% off of very expensive = still expensive.
As if I needed fuel to add to the fire, Lonny posted this image on their blog yesterday, and I’m dying over that pattern! Where is my money tree when I need it?
Spied some more D. Porthault in MS Living. Also, is that my rug?!?
The quality of D. Porthault sheets, towels, cases and coverlets is supposed to be unrivaled, but if you like them just for the cute floral patterns, you might try checking out Urban Outfitters for lots of cute, very affordable bedding.
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21 thoughts on “The Ultimate Luxury: D. Porthault Linens

  1. I think fine linens are a good investment. My daughter is now using custom linens my mom had made for me when I was her age….and they are in perfect condition. My aunt who is 86 just gave me some of her pillow cases…the craftmanship is amazing…and still perfect!!

  2. I recently saw D. Porthault linens in my local Homegoods. I was surprised to see they were only 300 thread count! Is that the norm for them?

  3. There is a wonderful image of Audrey Hepburn in her bedroom, and the linens she had were so happy!
    I used to have two D.Porthault shams and loved them –
    I think just the heart sham for a girl or boy is pure grace and luxury.

  4. I had the hearts growing up in my nursery/bedroom and had forgotten all about it until I started design blogging and saw them again. It made me so nostalgic! I ordered a set of twin sheets in the red dot for Gracie's room and had some crib sheets, and pillows made from the fabric which really stretched things a lot further…
    My question is…why can't anyone (i.e. pottery barn, RH, west elm etc) make an affordable cute linen situation with good colors and maybe a monogram option? For serious!
    I am obsessed with linens and always am so disappointed by what is out there and reasonable for most people.
    Maybe I should start a line…

  5. Oh man, I know what you mean about the money tree! I've been wanting some of these since I saw the shoot of Rita Konig's apartment in Domino a few years ago (her heart-print ones are divine!)
    Gorgeous linens!

  6. I go at least once a year and would recommend you go! Yes, the sheets are still expensive, but they usually have some smaller items that are reasonable. I've purchased small pillows (so I can have a least a hint of a D Porthault pattern on my bed), laminated trays and sometimes they have great deals on baby and kids clothes.
    Also check out the boring white hotel stuff, they've had great deals on sets of napkins and things…

    And for less expensive alternatives, sometimes Martha Stewart at Macys has cute florals like this-

  7. I've passed that store hundreds of times and admired their beautiful displays and linens, thinking how expensive they must be to have a Park Ave address. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for the interesting history on them.

  8. Jenny, every time I go to that sale, I tell myself I'll get one small thing, and end up spending a few hundred dollars. The prices are good, the sale is brisk. The first few days are the best time to go. It's funny: Portault gives you your items in a plain shopping bag, no logo! They often have complimentary prints at sale after sale, so you can slowly amass a collection. R

  9. Lovely! I just wanted to note that I'd love for you to have a way to follow you other than Twitter and RSS feed. (Preferably Facebook and/or email subscription) I have Twitter, but I find it overwhelming (and underwhelming, in many ways) and don't check it often. Quite frankly, I really like your blog, but I forget to check it regularly. Thanks.

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