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Another way to paint your interior doors

Hello friends! Happy President’s Day! Michael and I are taking advantage of the three-day weekend to wrap up some half-finished projects together.
As I was working on a DIY yesterday, I had a flash of inspiration when I remembered this shot from Martha Stewart living. I love how they painted the inside rim of the door that punchy red color! Such a fun surprise in an otherwise pretty neutral room.
image via the lovely Abbey Nova
Hoping to finish up the project this afternoon to share with you tomorrow!
What did you think?
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20 thoughts on “Another way to paint your interior doors

  1. This is a really fun idea but there are so many other painting projects on my to-do list I think I will have to try and remember this for another few years! Cant wait to see what you've done though :)

  2. I just posted this a couple of weeks ago because I SO want to do this to our newly installed doors! Trying to convince the hubby….
    Can't wait to see what you're up to next!

  3. I could be wrong, but I'm thinking this is not just orange/red on the side of the door. It seems to me that it's likely the entire opposite face of that door is the same color. We have several of our interior doors painted white on one side and black on the other. You paint the hinge side the same color as the face of the door you see from that side when it's open, and you paint the opposite face the same color as the lock side. Do you see what I mean? So, I think this door is white on one side but orange/red on the other, and the edge was painted so don't see little bits of white when it's closed. Regardless, it's a nice shot – very inspirational :)

    thanks for sharing it!

    ~Jacci in Ohio

  4. I agree with Allison that teal would be amazing! I love this blog, very happy I cam across it, I am an avid DIY and interior painting fan. Thanks for the good ideas and advice.

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