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Campaign Style Rast Hack


I never get sick of seeing all these different ways to hack the IKEA Rast dresser! Molly from Molly Madfis Designs emailed me her latest project and I think it turned out really great.

Molly said she searched and searched for a campaign piece to put in her dining room, but coldn’t find the right one in the right size. She was inspired by all the Rast hacks floating around the internet and thought she could make her own campaign dresser.
Molly patched up the old knobs holes, painted the dresser and drilled on these flat corner plaques. Then she measured and drilled new holes in the center of each drawer for these brass campaign style pulls from Ansaldi and Sons.
I actually prefer the proportions of Molly’s hardware to traditional campaign pieces. The smaller corner plaques look perfect here. And wouldn’t a pair of these would look so great as night stands?
Thanks for sharing, Molly!
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41 thoughts on “Campaign Style Rast Hack

  1. This is exactly what I have been thinking of doing for my bedside tables – I got beaten to it! These look amazing, and that inky blue is gorgeous with the brass hardware.

  2. I love this! Because of your blog, I now have an obsession with campaign furniture and I love this idea of creating a much cheaper alternative!

  3. for serious, I have 2 Rast in my garage and I'm waiting for my campaign hardware to come in for our master bedroom nightstands!! Crazy!

  4. Looks great!! Does anyone think thise would work on the Ikea Malm??? I am tempted to try it out, but I'd love some opinions first!! Thanks =)

  5. I was so unbelievably inspired by this post. I would love to try to do something similar. Do you happen to know anything about the painting process? Pre-painting sanding, primer, type of paint (matte, flat, eggshell….), finish layer? As always you have the most inspired posts.

  6. I knew I wanted to paint a pair of Ikea dressers and I am totally stealing this idea! Did Molly use the antique or polished brass pulls? Thanks!

  7. It looks like the provider Ansaldi and Sons doesn’t carry these exact pulls anymore. Anyone has any idea where they can be found?! Thanks!

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