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Dibs on the Rug at J. Crew


It’s true. All design bloggers love J. Crew. I think it’s all that combining of modern, fresh colors in traditional shapes. At least, that’s why I love it.

There are two J. Crews closer to my apartment, but I always shop at the downtown 5th Ave location. I go so I can visit my rug in the upstairs women’s shoe department. Talk about fresh colors in a traditional form:
I know, it could use a good cleaning, but guys. Those colors!
This picture makes me laugh. I was trying to take sneaky photos of the rug, but the sales lady thought I was taking outraged photos of her yelling at those boys who were horsing around on the Chesterfield and knocking over shoe displays. She was completely frustrated by them (and their absent mother), and was subsequently annoyed by me documenting her frustration (even though I wasn’t really). She gave me a frown and a one-eyebrow-lift. In her defense, those boys were truly being naughty and seriously, where was their mom? A weird moment on all accounts, now forever memorialized here. :)
Back to the rug. The friendly people in J. Crew’s PR department said it was purchased from ABC and is antique. Given the size, I’d say it was about $30k. Ouch. Still great eye candy though. Please someone, make a good rug that looks just like this.
It matches the belt I wanted to buy.
Anyway, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, the 5th Ave store is worth checking out. The light fixtures above the cash registers aren’t to be missed either:
Also, it’s less real-life inspiration, but still cool: The antique gloves wall art installation.
PS I found a pretty turquoise and mint antique rug on eBay for my office that should be arriving today or tomorrow. It’s not even half as lovely as the J Crew Moroccan number above with all the blue and orange and coral, but I’m still excited to see if it’s pretty enough to live up to its eBay listing photos. (Always such a gamble. Am I right?)

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41 thoughts on “Dibs on the Rug at J. Crew

  1. What!? I totally saw this post going in a different direction! I thought you were given dibs on buying their store rug for some kind of store remodel. Boo , they should give it to after this post. Love it.

  2. Hey
    Dibs on the Rug at J. Crew
    Your website is incredible, thank you in your effort!
    Do you have more great articles like this one
    Thank you!

  3. And is that a Paul McCobb coffee table? That's design heaven. I would shove those kids out of the way and just move right on in…

  4. I don't have many J Crew's by me and the two I have are very small. I will say that there mix of window design & decorating does make the beautiful clothes & accessories pop!!

    That rug is gorgeous. It has so much character! =)

    Lemanie's Randomness Blog

  5. Girl, you are a hoot! LOVE the random side comment about the boys and the saleslady. Think she thought they were YOUR kids?? :)

  6. If you've called dibs on the rug, I'll take this opportunity to call dibs on the Paul McCobb coffee table…what a dream. The store designers are absolutely on point with their designs.

  7. You'll have to post the turquoise and mint rug when you receive! I've been trying to hunt down mint green accessories for my living room so I'm always looking for more mint green inspiration.

  8. I love these large antique Morracan rugs, but they are so expensive! I have been searching for a new rug for a project I am working on, and I really want to find an inexpensive rug that is similar to that one. Way to go J.Crew

  9. Our j.crew's in Dallas are not that cool for sure. They are tiny and very standard. I love the rug…wao! 30K! ANd now that you noticed it and all your readers will too….it paid for itself :)

  10. I love this store, and very funny story about the kids. And I love the glove wall. Funny to see you posting pictures of a place I go to very often as well!

  11. I promise I'm not keeping tabs on this, but I just have to compliment your choice of nail polish these days. The citrus-y orange the other day was precious; this silver is so cute as well.

    Love bold colors on short nails!

  12. Oooooh, I ove that rug too! The Jcrew shops in NYC (bridal!) are such an inspiration in design. East Hampton too. Unfortunately, here in Seattle, not so much :-(

  13. I'm in love with the sputnik chandelier myself. I actually just took a photo of it in the SF store yesterday. Does anyone know who makes it? I NEED it for my dining room.

  14. What do you do with ebay rugs that turn out a little ugly? Even if there is a return policy, I'm always terrified of returning a rug–seems like a lot of work and money to ship….
    Just wondering. I have 2 ebay rugs right now….one better than the other :)

  15. What do you do with ebay rugs that turn out a little ugly? Even if there is a return policy, I'm always terrified of returning a rug–seems like a lot of work and money to ship….
    Just wondering. I have 2 ebay rugs right now….one better than the other :)

  16. That rug is fantastic. I know what you mean about rolling the dice with an ebay rug. I got one that is just great and another that is tolerable at best.
    I almost took the plunge on a yellow Oushak for cheap one but chickened out.

  17. Seriously, they should give you a discount on that rug for blogging about their store. Love the story. Funny stuff does happen when you're taking photos for your blog. I get weird looks a lot. Oh well, that's the price we pay, right? Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your favorite J. Crew. Our Nashville store doesn't hold a candle to that one. No ABC rugs there. Boo.

  18. The rug is beautiful. But since you have "my" sofa, I could settle for theirs – I bet the little boy rough housing gives it extra character!

    Elizabeth Lee

  19. Seeing this shop makes me want to jump on a plane and fly 40 hours to NYC from here in Malaysia just to see it, ha! And that belt! Sounds like you had a fun and interesting experience at the J. Crew shop that day. Thanks for sharing.

    – Grace

  20. Back off lady! I've been coveting that rug since the remodel in Feb '11. Got the sad news from PR about the estimated price as well. At least we can still visit…. :)

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