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The Magic of a Gold Leaf Pen

I found these botanical prints at the flea market and I fell in love with the bright chartreuse, almost neon green matting!
I wasn’t the hugest fan of the forest green painted frames (or rather, I didn’t like the color combo – I am a fan of forest green in general). So I bought them with the plan to change the frame color. I think black would have looked great, but I really wanted to bring some gold over to the entry console area.
Have you ever used these gold leaf pens? I might be a little obsessed with them. I’ve been adding gold detailing on furniture and mirrors like a mad woman. It’s an addiction really.
I used the Krylon leafing pen to make the botanical frames gold. So much better than dark green! I didn’t bother to take apart the frames (they were professionally framed and had kraft paper backings I didn’t want to mess with). The good news is it is so crazy-easy to paint frames with glass or mirror. The glass sort of repels the paint most of the time, and 100% of the time you can get off the paint with a little windex and a razor blade.
Also, a couple of you asked about the console. You must be newbies! Here’s the post on painting a cheapie dresser with Behr’s Billiards Table in high gloss.

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64 thoughts on “The Magic of a Gold Leaf Pen

  1. thanks for this! Gold is so hard to get the right color. I've been wanting to try gold leafing, but it seems like a chore, and I haven't had the motivation to do it. I did wonder how well those pens work. I'll have to try it now!

  2. LOVE these prints! Really love the modern pop of chartreuse yellow/green – and the subtly of the prints – lovely contrast and an overall beautiful grouping!

  3. That sounds fun! Sorta like Modern Masters Metallic paint which I discovered just recently via Hi Sugarplum blog. Just sponge on. Gorgeous. Also have Rub N Buff, antique gold, love it. So a gold pen is out there too??!!

  4. You have me totally sold on the gold! Just a little touch that makes it amazing… like the red border on the photo.

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the bowl with your keys in it?

  5. I bought a G-leaf pen recently too- and was super psyched at the result!! I used it to "gold leaf" 2 spider crab shells I found recently on a beach combing adventure.
    The frames look GREAT!

  6. Love these frames! Agree with Jess – which flea markets do you like to go to in NYC? Which one did you find these at?

  7. I also have gold fever lately. I just spray painted really nice antique turquoise hooks from Anthropologie for my closet. Now all my fun J.Crew, Anthro and vintage necklaces are hanging from it in my closet. I also have a lot of black frames from pottery barn that looked great years ago in my old home but am not thinking of switching to gold. Problem is there's no detailing on the frames- do you think I could pull off the gold look on thick plain pottery barn frames?

  8. This gold pen works! just love it. Did a frame in it and it's just beautiful and SO easy to use. thank you for this tip, have never seen this product and found it in Michael's!

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