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Special Delivery


If all goes as planned, this rug from eBay and a new pair of arm chairs and will arrive at our apartment today! It feels like Christmas morning!

I know the rug is going to need a professional cleaning, but I’m hoping the colors are pretty in real life. But I have high hopes that my $220 were not spent in vain! I think it will clean up nicely.
It’s a pretty big rug (10×13) and I’m thinking the plan is to put it in my office with the hope that it will lighten up the room a bit.
I’m thinking about doing a grasscloth-ish DIY on the walls in there that might end up being sort of dark, so it will be nice to strike some balance on the floors.
PS We sold those pretty blue chairs a few months ago. They just weren’t comfortable after long stretches of time. I’m pretty jazzed about the replacement office chairs though. They’re at the upholsterers now, but I’ll be sure to share soon.
Happy weekend friends!!
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38 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. Will you do before and afters of your office rug? I'd be interested to see how much different it will look after cleaning.

  2. That rug is gorgeous! I've almost sworn off buying rugs online because of the color differences, but this is neutral enough. Can't wait to hear how it is in real life. Your office is fabulous.

  3. You're the best ebay-er in the world with all of your loverly finds. I must know your secrets…lol! I hope all goes well upon it's arrival.

  4. i too would love to know the origins of your rug… specific Ebayer or what your search term was… when i look for rugs on ebay they're always way more expensive than I'd been hoping, but under $300 is SO reasonable!

  5. The best part about ordering things online is opening them like a present once they arrive in-home. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it's perfect!

  6. Random question, where do you recommend buying drawer pulls? You have some nice ring pulls, I am redoing a dresser.


  7. love the rug! looking forward to seeing a picture of it in your office. also, I love the white fluffy cushion on your old blue office chairs. do you know where I could find those? I've seen them in a lot of design photos. Thanks so much.

  8. Just came here to ask you to offer up what search terms you use, but see that other commenters have beat me to it. Thanks in advance!

    You always find great things on ebay! This one is a beauty!

  9. HOW did you manage a large rug for such a great price?! You are an e-bay supahstah. Sadly, I am not.

    I'm very interested in this upcoming grassclothishness…oh look, I just made a new word.

  10. You are so rad! How you do everything you do is beyond me, but I always love to visit LGN. If I lived in NY, I'd hire you in an instant!

  11. Totally agree with JTay. Curious as to what will happen with your old office rug. Perhaps we can start a bidding war for it!! Keep us posted!!

  12. Would love to know which upholsterer you use – I have some chairs I need to have re-done and a NYC recommendation would be great!

  13. Stunning colors for the rug! I'd love to find a similar one for my living room. Can't wait to see how it all turns out in your room.

  14. would love to know which upholsterer you use in nyc? in fact, would love for you to do post on your source list here! thx so much and can't wait to see the new chairs!

  15. Jenny- I happened to be browsing Apartment Therapy this morning, and they are seeking votes for best design blog. I have never commented on your blog, or theirs, but as one of your loyal lurkers here, I felt it only right to request a submission of your site (if someone hadn't done so already) Can't believe some of other ones actually made it to the voting stage…


  16. oh MAN! that rug is EXACTLY what i've been looking for! right size, right colors … GAH!!! it's gorgeous! (and if it doesn't work in your space, please let me know. ;o) )

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