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Copy Cat Design: Lilly Bunn Weekes Living Room

Copy Cat Design

It’s Friday! My lovely assistant Colleen from There Comes A Yes is joining us for another round of Copy Cat Design. Lilly Bunn Weekes is an amazing NYC designer and just an all-round lovely person! She blogs at Lilly’s Notebook. Here’s Colleen’s twist on her gorgeous work:

I adore Lilly Bunn Weekes’ full-on commitment to color. She doesn’t mess around. Color on the walls, color on the furniture–this is not wimpy stuff!

If you’re feeling some trepidation over color or pattern, start with the baby step: a throw pillow. Pillows are gateway decor.
Grasscloth is a genius wallcovering. It works wonders for rooms without much architecture, but there’s no pattern to potentially get sick of. Perfect!
A nice, simple brass lamp.
Another lamp option: get some crystal clusters, a lamp kit, and drill a hole through the clusters to fit a lamp pipe. DIY instructions here.
Ikea to the rescue for this sofa. Bemz has a range of slipcovers for this style, including an orange cotton.
Or have the couch upholstered in this lush orange velvet!
More purple ikat!
A bergere ready to be upholstered.
Lilly’s chairs (and pillows) are done in Madeline Weinrib fabrics, which are spendy. This fabric is a brilliant alternative.
I like that the coffee table is architectural and not overly pretty–a counterpoint to all of the feminine elements.
With a coat of brown-black paint, this mirror is a dead ringer for the inspiration one!
Simple wood end tables, another smart juxtaposition.
A black and white rug for that punch of graphic pattern.
Thanks so much, Colleen! Feel free to email us if you have an inspiration room you’d like to see interpreted.
What did you think?
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41 thoughts on “Copy Cat Design: Lilly Bunn Weekes Living Room

  1. Can I move to NYC and work with you and Colleen? PLEASE?? You guys are quite the dynamic duo!! Can't wait to see what room you do next week!

  2. I la la LOVE this series Colleen! Looking at my inspiration folder now, contemplating what room I most want you to recreate!


  3. LOVE this series. Thank you, thank you! I have an ikat orange coral duvet from Williams-Sonoma and perhaps I'll go the lavender route for another color. Love the combo.

  4. There's also a quatrefoil mirror at Lowes that's a pretty good size and is already black/brown. I think it runs about $65!

  5. Jenny amazing and the rooms are fabulous; the color palette so striking, it works magnificently!

    Please come and join my new Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

    Art by Karena

  6. I have an orange couch that I sometimes regret purchasing. This makes me want to embrace it! Never thought about adding purple… Thank you for doing this post!!

  7. I wish I had your kind of creativity with decorating! I am such a guy when it comes to my apartment…absolutely awesome design ladies!

  8. I like the purple decor and especially the Ektorp Loveseat; it makes a strong impression no matter what the room's colour is. :D

  9. I can't stop looking at the misaligned seam down 1/3 of the front of the right hand chair. Eeps! I'd die if my upholsterer did that.

  10. Hey Q – That was no oversight or accident. Ikat is not woven in exact patterns – there is a lot of variation in real woven ikats. Most only come in small widths – 14 or 16 inches. The upholsterer did a great job piecing the widths together here I think. Not trying to make it look like it matches perfectly, but also not making it obvious that the patterns don't line up perfectly. I think it brings out the unique quality of the fabric! Why would you want it to look like cheap repro fabric?

    I don't think your comment is mean-spirited, but let's all try to remember to keep negative comments to yourself. But I LOVE hearing when you like something, or if you have a question! Thanks!

  11. Jenny,
    Thank you for commenting on the ikat fabric alignment! I personally LOVE how ikat fabric is sewn together like this, it looks so unique! Thanks for the great inspired design, I love how you did it.

  12. Love this room. Just saw an even better deal on a very similar black quatrefoil mirror at Lowe's by Allen + Roth. Check it out when you get a chance!

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