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Copy Cat Design: Wallpaper in the Bedroom

Colleen’s back at it with another great room, recreated for less! (PS We’re getting ready for some trips this summer, and I’m DYING for this orange swim suit Colleen shared this week. So cute!)

This bedroom from Traditional Home is deceptive–at first it looks like it has a lot going on, but with the exception of statement-making wallpaper, it’s a very neutral room. Let’s take a closer look.

The skinny white lamp looks crisp against the cobalt wallpaper.
If you’re fortunate enough to have a yard, bud vases are your very best friend for decorating. Add a few blooms from your yard and put them in every room.
This bed is such a find. Going neutral shouldn’t mean boring, so pick something with interest, like tufting or a scrolling shape.
The original roman shades use a Kravet fabric, but I quite like a wide neutral stripe too.
The wallpaper is absolutely the star of the room, and the saturated color is key. This Chinoiserie pattern is an economical alternative to the original Osborne & Little.
If wallpapering isn’t an option, this blue paint will look stunning with white trim.
Consider replacing the glass doors with mirrors–it’s pretty and functional.
Crystal pulls will add a little sparkle to a plain white wardrobe.
The bedding repeats the blue in the embroidery, on otherwise bright white sheets.
Just a simple white table for pretty things.
I’m a tchotchke person. I need my pointless pretty objects, thus a blue ginger jar.
A feminine and neutral pillow completes the bed.
If you have a room you’d like interpreted, email us at jenny at jennykomenda dot com.
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30 thoughts on “Copy Cat Design: Wallpaper in the Bedroom

  1. This series is quickly becoming my favourite, not just out of the ones on this blog but out of the ones on ALL the blogs I read. I LOVE that it always features economical alternatives and sources I didn't previously know about. Kudos!!

  2. Beautiful! I love how the graphic wallpaper adds to the room! We have Ralph Lauren Homeport Novelty in Marine on our site and I think it would look great in this room!

  3. I like it, it's a tad to much in my opinion though. I would go with another wardrobe to get some more space. But other than that, very nice :)

  4. Oh my gosh, LOVE that wallpaper! I would never guess that it could look so great on the wall by just looking at a little swatch, but it couldn't look better! I think I need to be braver with my design choices! :)

    XO Star @ Peace Love Wander

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