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Mint Wool Chairs in Action


I got the Italian MCM chairs back from the upholsterer this weekend and I think I’m in love. The room needed a shot of cooler toned color (either blue or green) and these totally did the trick for me.

I can’t decide if I’m going to make a pair of little lumbar pillows. I worry the pillows would partially cover the split between the arms and the back, which is the part of the chairs I like best. Hmm.
PS Here’s a wider shot of the gallery wall, which is still a WIP. I took out a lot of the smaller pieces from the old arrangement we had up in the dining room, in favor of less and bigger art. I also added the Gossip Girl sconces into the arrangement, and that I’m totally loving. I think I might try DIYing some black conical shades. Though to get the sizing right I would need to buy a soldering iron which feels really intense for some reason. :)
What did you think?
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51 thoughts on “Mint Wool Chairs in Action

  1. Hey Jenny! Do you have a post with on how on tips to hang artwork in various frames so that it looks unified like yours? I searched your blog, but didn't pull anything like that up. The chairs look great, by the way. Gorgeous!

  2. It would be neat to make skinny lumbar pillows and then stand them up straight when they are not in use rather than laying them flat across the bottom. Just an idea… Love the pop of mint green… :) So cute!!

  3. This so works. I echo Jenny Jackson Kersting's post — can you do a post on combining various frames and art pieces so that it forms this happy conversation among the group? I really do think you're an artist at heart and have that capacity to let it go and then shape into form as you go. Maybe that can't be taught, maybe just encouraged in all of us. I sit here ready to learn and my new picture ledges await styling! Do I paint them the same color as the wall so they recede into the wall and let the framed photos and paintings dance? How do I space the ledges on the wall, so many configurations . .. . you would know!

  4. The chairs are such a lovely, unique find! My eye is noticing lots of other changes in your living room as well. When do we get the tour? :-)

  5. I agree – no on the lumbar pillows – how about a strip of beautiful tapestry/obi sash/narrow fabric draped vertically over the backs of the chair. Just another layer of fabulous.

  6. does anyone else get the feeling that Jenny is just writing out loud to herself on these posts at times? :)

    love the gallery wall and juxtaposition of the credenza and the chairs. I'd resist the urge to add pillows. THe chairs speak for themselves and there is plenty of layers with the wall. just my opinion though.

    you rock

  7. I have chair envy!!
    Not every chair needs a pillow :) I like them just the way they are. Maybe toss a small throw over the arm or something because I agree, the separated arms are the best part (aside from the color)!!

  8. That gallery wall works for you! And I adore the split between the arms and back of the chair, as well… very charming character! You could REALLY tiny lumber pillows that are only the width of the chair back…

  9. They look amazing and the gallery wall looks amazing as well. I would probably leave the chairs as is. I love them. I can't wait to see more pictures with the whole room. That chesterfield is to die for!

  10. The room looks great! I vote no to pillows too but it would be cool if you could find something to drape over the back of the chairs like a cool table runner or something. Keep up the good work and thanks for all of the inspiration!

  11. ahhh, I LOVE how they came out! I think you are totally right and that pop of mint color is perfection in your space!

    The shape of those chairs kill me, I love love love them!

  12. I'd also love some guidance on hanging a gallery wall like that. I've actually got a surprisingly similar set up, with a red credenza/dresser type thing with a big black TV on top, complete with cable boxes and DVD players, etc. And two sconces flanking. I'd love to hang art on the wall but am not sure of where to begin.

  13. love the color!!!! i would add small pillows – maybe black/white small print just to break up all the mint. wall gallery looks amazing!

  14. Gorgeous space! When you mentioned the pillows taking up the split between the arms and the back, I imagined dolls instead. Floppy ones, like the long Raggedy Annes, only more fitting with the decor. Probably sounds crazy, but I thought I'd mention it anyway :)

  15. Wow, those are gorgeous … I wouldn't put anything on them. It would spoil the amazing shape. Well done, they really pop against the wall.

  16. I love the pop of color the chairs bring to the space as well as the tease of Chesterfield sofa in the photo. Any chance you would post more photos of your apartment? I would love to see full room views of all of your changes in the last year!

  17. Get an electric soldering iron. I bought mine off Ebay, and use it to solder jewelry bits, but it's relatively harmless, but I imagine hardy enough to get the job done.

  18. Love your chairs! Those are perfect, and I hear mint is very in for spring! Apparently wool and other more menswear-type fabrics are too, so that's two birds with one throne (ha). They look gorgeous! If you're ever in need of more fabric or wallpaper, please consider our site!

  19. The chairs are great! I agree, leave them bare so you can enjoy the style lines of the arms. I really love your gallery wall, and I love that (pencil drawing?) art under and to the left of the framed canvas you showed yesterday…darling.

  20. Jenny, love the chairs but I also really love the red cabinet/credenza. Did you paint it? If so, what color of red paint did you use? I'm looking for a good one. Brandy@ChateauÀGogo

  21. I love those mint chairs! I agree they do look like they could use a pillow though. How about round ones instead of lumbar? That shape might not cover up the split in the back of the chairs as much. I saw some really cool ones on easy the other day in a neat black and white ikat with some shaggy fringe around the edge…and the round shape might echo the stools in front of the tv! Love your blog Jenny!!!

  22. I agree with you, I'd be worried about missing out on that cute little split! I think it needs something though–I'd use a small graphic throw over one arm. They're so pretty! Much smaller than I thought too–I like the scale :)

  23. I love how you mix colors!! I do this with my clothes a lot and am starting to fill my new home with a similar look! Love it! You always inspire me.

  24. Those mint chairs are so redonc it isn't even funny!!!! Amazing. GYAH! Great work! I picked up a pair – not nearly as cool – from a Goodwill the other day and got my car towed for illegally parking. Ha! Whatever… they were worth it :)

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