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Reader DIY: Metallic Wall Stripes


One of the best parts of writing this blog for me is getting to share ideas I might never get to use myself, but that some of you might get to try. I LOVE getting emails with photos of your interpretations!!

Caroline wrote in to share a couple photos of a bookshelf she fancied up using this post as her inspiration. Caroline said:
“We’re renting a quirky midcentury ranch with plenty of oddities, one of which is a badly-proportioned shelving built-in in my daughter’s nursery (it used to be the room’s closet). I needed to liven up the space and your stripes were a perfect idea. To make the project really easy, I sourced 3-inch wide metallic gold tape online (they have various colors and sizes). A little measuring and taping later, the job was done! The only drawback is that the metallic surface does reflect the old wall’s flaws, but overall it is extremely stunning, adds dimension and brightens the space.”
Such a beautiful nursery, right? And I’m loving the tape source Caroline found. The two-inch tape is about $30 for 72 yards and the three-inch is $40. That’s pretty cheap wallpaper!
If you have a room or project you’d like to share, email us at jenny at jennykomenda dot com.
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26 thoughts on “Reader DIY: Metallic Wall Stripes

  1. I would love to do this to a wall in my place, but it's a rental. This sounds like pretty adhesive stuff, similar to duct tape. Anyone have any idea whether this tape ruins walls?

  2. loved that you shared the source! the Kate Spade store in Scottsdale, AZ has that gold foil up and my girls LOVE it. they want it in their rooms. now i know where to buy it.

  3. I would like to apply this over painted walls, but would have to be able to cleanly remove it when I move out. Will this be a problem (i.e. the tape is super sticky and does not come off easily or leaves terrible residue)? Thanks–love this idea and hope I can incorporate it into some nooks in my rental.

  4. Thank you to Jenny and her inspiring blog for such a great idea! I wanted to share that the tape adheres really well yet can also be removed/repositioned a few times during application – without compromising the tape's finish or the wall. Since I haven't removed it, I'm not sure how it fares over time, but it's very user-friendly to apply.

    The side table is West Elm from 7 yrs ago. I painted it glossy coral for the room's design.

  5. I like the fact that it looks professional; most home done work isnt comparable to manufacturar standards but your work seems to be done with perfection. Great Advice

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