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Room Tours: Callie's Home


Are you ready for photo overload? Callie emailed me a couple weeks ago and I saw a little peek of her house. I practically begged her to show me more! And I’m so glad she agreed to do a full tour here. I think her home is the *perfect* way to do neutrals. I’m always harping on the finding balance with warm and cool tones in a room. That’s true for neutral rooms too! This means you should mix your black and brown tones, your creams and grays. And if you want to throw in a random splash of color by way of a vase or small piece of art – well that’s all the better!

I hope you enjoy Callie’s house tour as much as I did. Here she is sharing some of her approach to decorating her lovely home (with a list of sources at the very bottom):

We built our home about a year ago, and I really took a lot of time to think beforehand about the look I wanted, both in the design of our home and in decorating it. Looking at images on blogs really is what gave me inspiration for my home, and I spent A LOT of time doing it. Images that I kept on coming back to were rooms by Ryan Korban and Mary McDonald. I really didn’t want an overload of anything TOO bloggy or trendy though, because I knew I would get tired of looking at it!

-I signed up for emails from a bunch of sites… then I waited for the sales to happen. :) Because I live in an area where there aren’t a ton of different stores, I bought a lot of items online. And because I was (mostly!) patient, nearly everything I ordered online I either got on sale (sometimes MAJOR sale!) or free shipping. Even the items I picked up at local stores were mostly on sale.
As much as I love the look designers create, I LOVE getting good deals! Nothing is better than telling someone, “Originally that was $XXX and I got it for $XX!” I’ve tried to see decorating my house as a marathon, not a sprint.

-I really only tried to purchase something that I could see in a specific spot in my home– what I found was that when I didn’t have a particular place in mind, I ended up not really liking what I picked up and felt like I wasted my money.

-Antique stores! And antique stores! And antique stores! I typically found a similar look to what I had seen online by going to a ton of antique stores… sometimes it took a little digging and patience, but I usually found what I was looking for at a fraction of the price I would have spent online (and usually even cheaper than on etsy, eBay, or One Kings Lane, although I have found some awesome deals there). AND I love the fun little things I came across as I was looking for something specific! That is where I got my instant gratification as a reward for all that waiting I’d done for online purchases. :)

-Where I really saved– accessories (by doing what I typed above), artwork (Hobby Lobby does custom cut mats for really cheap and I did most of the artwork by myself… and I am NOT an artist by any means!!), drapes (discount fabric sewn by my mom), and dressers/consoles (again, mostly all from antique stores and painted by my me or my dad).

I splurged on both of my sofas and on my coffee table– I saw the Hutton sofa from Room & Board and immediately knew it was the one because of its look and length (even though I looked for a cheaper version for about five months), and my husband sat on the leather sofa from Restoration Hardware and there was no changing his mind. I’m still a little uneasy about those splurges though!

navy dresser- antique store (paint is Benjamin Moore, pulls from House of Antique Hardware)
gold mirror- craigslist
W mirror- Pottery Barn Kids
black lamps- Target
white shades- Target
greek key trim- Walmart
gold Asian bust- antique store
zebra wood frame- Pottery Barn
blue bowl- World Market
silver plated bowl- One Kings Lane
navy rug- One Kings Lane (Thom Filicia)
drum shade- Andrews Lighting in OKC
bird box- Anthropologie

media console- antique store (painted by my Dad with black automotive paint)
gold lamp- Horchow
blue vases- antique store
antler- my parents’ barn
pink orchid- TJ Maxx
small sunburst mirror- Hobby Lobby

coffee table- Horchow
burl wood tray- ebay (Williams Sonoma Home)
horns- Jayson Home and Garden
silver lacquer box- One Kings Lane (can buy at Plantation Home)
foo dog- etsy
blue vase- Goodwill
gold bamboo frame- One Kings Lane (Lunares)
floral notebooks- Anthropologie
lucite nesting tables- CB2
foo dog lamp- Tuesday Morning
wood root- antique store
horse statue- etsy
burl wood box- Teavana
Chiang Mai print tray- Furbish Studio

gold vintage chair- antique store
mink fur pillow- Restoration Hardware
leopard pillows- made by my Mom from fabric from Interior Fabrics in OKC

cream nailhead chairs- Gilt and Overstock (Safavieh)
blue handblocked pillows- West Elm
greek key side table- One Kings Lane (Worlds Away)
grey ginger jar- Williams Sonoma Home
Asian gold horse- antique store
zebra wood box- ebay (Williams Sonoma Home)
white vase- Mockingbird Manor in OKC
leather tray- World Market
white coral- Pottery Barn
blue vase- antique store

velvet sofa- Room and Board
pink Insignia pillows- Furbish Studio (Windsor Smith fabric)
wool and coral cotton pillows- Anthropologie

large gold sunburst mirror- Williams Sonoma Home
black jars- Pottery Barn
coral ginger jars- Williams Sonoma Home

silver task lamp- Williams Sonoma Home
brown rug- Wisteria
cream drapes- my Mom made from fabric from Interior Fabrics in OKC
curtain rods- Target
black frames and grey mats- Hobby Lobby

dining table- Williams Sonoma Home
chairs- Horchow
silver ginger jar- One Kings Lane
graphic rug- Williams Sonoma Home
cream pendant- Horchow
black frames- Target

black bamboo dresser- craigslist (paint is Rustoleum, pulls from Lee Valley)
cream porcelain lamps- Williams Sonoma Home
Asian ladies- antique stores
gold box- antique store
green vase- Pottery Barn
gold bamboo frame- antique store
white vase- Pier 1
lines paintings- me, frames from Garden Ridge, black mats from Hobby Lobby
eagle mirror- antique store

lucite counter stools- CB2
blue vases- Wisteria
silver rim utensil holder- Pottery Barn
circles painting- me, frame from antique store
coral butter dish- Anthropologie
blue pot- TJ Maxx
Silver bamboo frame- TJ Maxx
Cream frames- Target
fuschia orchid- TJ Maxx
copper greek bust- etsy
white pineapple- White Barn
ikat bowls- Anthropologie
various white, glass, and metal serving pieces- Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Target, and antique stores
black and gold mums paper- Paper Mojo
silver sphere pendant- Horchow (Solaris pendant from Crystorama)

leather sofa- Restoration Hardware
red plaid pillows- Ralph Lauren
wheat rug- Pottery Barn

round coffee table- Pottery Barn
brown leather tray- Pottery Barn
decanters and glasses- Pottery Barn, antique stores
vintage National Geographics- antique store
patch- Rugby by Ralph Lauren

wood side table- made by my brother-in-law Roger
silver lamp- picked up by my husband Russ somewhere before we met!
marquetry frame- Williams Sonoma Home
metal R on wood stand- Anthropologie
silver microphone- from my Dad
small white H letterman’s patch- antique store

duke painting- antique store
vintage baseball print- antique store
large red H letterman’s patch- antique store
fox hunt print- etsy
black mirror- Target
small black and white print- picked up by my husband Russ somewhere before we met!
metal W- Anthropologie

NYC Census Bureau map- One Kings Lane (Barbara Cosgrove)
subway sign- Pottery Barn
curtain rod- Target
cream drapes- my Mom made from fabric from Interior Fabrics in OKC
all books are from random places

What did you think?
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102 thoughts on “Room Tours: Callie's Home

  1. Wow! That lady has MAD skills! If she doesn't have a blog, she should! Everything is beautiful and *proof* that good things come to those that wait and those that aren't too snobby to mix super low with medium and high. Lovely, just lovely!

  2. Love the pictures! And oh my, thank you for listing where you got your items from–makes me feel better to know I'm note alone in mixing Walmart with antique. You created a beautiful space.

  3. thanks for sharing! Callie needs to start a blog if she hasn't already! She needs to show us how she made her art. I really am attracted to her style…LOVE! She is very talented and I'm like her — Love a good bargain!

  4. Callie, the moment I read "Andrew's Lighting in OKC", I got so excited, I wanted to reach thru the screen and hug you! It's nice to see what you've done with our limited local resources. I also love your wall color. I work for a local builder, who has looked at me like I was an insane person, for mentioning using gray in a spec house. It's just not that "accepted" here. Enjoy your new house. It's lovely!

  5. LOVE what you've done!! well, well done.

    I'd love to know which pulls you used from house of antique hardware for the entrance dresser, and also which color of benjamin moore paint.

  6. Everyone seriously thank you SOOO much for all of the wonderful, thoughtful comments!!! If being featured on my favorite blog didn’t make my year, reading all of these sweet comments DEFINITELY did!! :) A few of you asked about my paint colors, so here they are!
    -living and entry: Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray
    -dining and man room: Sherwin Williams Dovetail
    -navy dresser: Benjamin Moore Polo Blue

  7. I am in love. I love neutrals but my house is bit blah – this is stunning. Can you come to my house and give some pointers? :)

  8. Callie, your home is amazing. I love how you use texture and layering. All of your little vignettes have amazing details that I want to keep looking them over. Beautiful home, thanks for sharing.

  9. Your house is beyond! I love it. You've done such a beautiful job. I love the layering of different styles and textures… and the colors palette, those are the sorts I've found myself using in my art lately!


    Come take a peek at my paintings if you like, thanks again for sharing your home… dying,

    Jessica Rae

  10. Love everything; patience is the key; finding what you love not just what you need. I think the patterns and textures takes away the "blah" of a neutral scheme. Your rooms are definitely full of movement and style. Thanks for sharing.

  11. The greek key table is on sale at One Kings Lane! if you are interested, please use my link to sign up for an account. referrals will get you a $15 credit to use right away too. help me out and use the link to sign up and purchase. I would love to use the credit to purchase a gift for my best friend.


  12. Wow, I truly loved the kitchen, it is what i always dreamed of. Very awesome ideas. I love the black, the gray, and the white colors used. I will be looking forward to getting ideas from you.

  13. Callie – your home is GORGEOUS! You mention the paint on the black bamboo piece is Rustolean…did you use the lacquer spray by them? Try as i might i can never achieve that lacquered look with high-gloss paint OR high-gloss poly. Any tips would be SO appreciated!

  14. Jennifer – the Rustoleum enamel line is really great and looks just like lacquer – both the spray paint and the little quarts of premixed. I feel like it's easier to get a really high gloss finish with the quarts where you roll and brush the paint on, but I've had really good luck with the spray paint too. Just make sure you get the oil based enamel line.


  15. I am a design blog lurker — so thanks to all of you for doing such brilliant stuff. That said, after years of neck and eye strain this is the most personally inspiring posting I have come across. And your DR rug even validates my recent decision to purchase a similar one (but indoor/outdoor Safavieh for my DR — tile floors and living in FL)and your spiral painting looks like one I got from the talented Flourish Gallery Wall but your framing is perfect for me. It's not all about me — no matter how much it sounds like it — but about your lovely taste and how inspiring it is to me. And maybe I will get the courage to paint some wood furniture I know I would love if only it was painted and lacquered! Beautiful — thanks.

  16. What a lovely home! Your unique sense of style, mixing various traditional and modern motifs is very inspiring. I recently started a design (among other things) blog to share interesting design ideas and photos….I love discovering such talented designers such as you! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Beautiful! I love your use of gray, black and white and that couch is perfect. Can you tell us what color fabric is the couch?

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