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Terrariums at West Elm


So, just like my preserved boxwoods, I love terrariums for their easy maintenance. You don’t have to do much to keep terrariums alive other than give them lots of sun and a spray of water every month or so.

I was excited when last month West Elm invited me to come and make a terrarium along with a few other NYC bloggers, led by their star designer, Shane Powers. He is a garden and plant extraordinaire (he works a lot with Martha).
We used these huge glass terrariums for potting cacti and succulents in special cactus soil mix and black sand.
That was one of Shane’s tricks that I loved – using layers of colored sand to cover the potting soil. Look how pretty the layers look here:
It was such a fun night, chatting with blog/industry friends while getting our hands dirty. I loved sitting next to Mat Sanders and getting the scoop about the new Domino. Did you hear there is a special issue coming to news stands April 17? Mat is the new Market Editor and from what I could coerce out of him it sounds like they have a lot of great things in store for us Domino fans. :)
Do you have any exciting weekend plans? Michael gets home tomorrow (thank heaven above)! I missed that guy.
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30 thoughts on “Terrariums at West Elm

  1. Fun! I am excited about Domino, I'm hoping they put a new spin on the recycled content!! Can't wait! And, Jenny, please tell – love your glasses – where did you get them??

  2. this sounds like a blast and such fun news that you got to hang with Domino's star. i was interning there when it folded so it was heartbreaking–literally helped pack up the office! I absolutely cannot wait for that issue to come out!

  3. I love terrariums, but have been nervous to make them myself because I don't have a green thumb. These look so great and modern that I want to give it a try!! Do you have a simple resource for making a terrarium? Or could you list the steps you guys took? Thanks for the inspiration as always!!

  4. LOVE TERRARIUMS!! I have one little one but would love to have a few more. Coincidentally, just this morning I signed up for a terrarium workshop at the NY Botanical Gardens. Danny & I are both going to go – (it comes with the Orchid Show for $25!)

  5. You look so fab in that shot! Love the glasses!

    I tried a terrarium a couple of years ago with a mini plalaenopsis and a few other plants as instructed on Martha's website and somehow me and my black thumb managed to kill it pretty quickly. Maybe a succulent would be a little more fool proof?

  6. Jenny, I could care less about the terraniums, they are just not my thing. However, your outfit…now that's something worth commenting on. I've been wanting to try colored denim for a while but my style is more classic than trendy so I wasn't sure what to do. In my opinion you hit the perfect balance, you let the trend shine by balancing it with classic, tailored, neutral pieces. Love the red lips and the nerd glasses (that's what my girls call them)and the little hint of leopard in the belt. What did you wear on your feet? Heels or flats? In any case, I'm going to steal the whole look!! Have a great weekend with your hubby!

  7. P.S Do your girls like Hello Kitty? You can get a very similar pair of HK glasses to the ones you're wearing on ebay. Just got my girls a few pairs and they absolutely love them. And…they were only $9 with free shipping.

  8. Oh how I love succulents!! I planted a beautiful succulent garden when I first lived in San Diego – before all the hipsters got on board! :) – and now that I've returned I'm ready to plant another. I want to find an amorphous, low, white vase/planter for the middle of my dining room table (the industrial saal one from west elm) to fill with succulents – but I haven't found the right vessel yet.

  9. I love succulents and even decided to use them as the main plant in my wedding 5 months ago. They have such great color, texture and demension. The terrariums you posted give me so much inspiration, I need to make one of those for my home! Thanks for all the creativity!

  10. Fun, fun! (Still want your outfit sources – you're wardrobe is spot on for busy momcreatives:) – Looking forward to Domino in April, too!

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