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Thinking about upholstered doors

Hello friends! How was your weekend? We had two dinner parties at our house this weekend! It was a little intense, but so so much fun.

I was researching upholstered doors last night for a DIY I’m working on and I found this image from Elle Decor Espana. It’s a different shot of the same dining room Colleen and I wrote about last week!

The room is from Christine D’ornano’s London townhouse (featured in both Elle Decor and Elle Decor Espana). After a little digging I found another set of photographs from the lovely home here. Aren’t those blue doors something else? I can’t WAIT to try this idea out!
Here are some photos of the rest of the house. Don’t you just love seeing the same room in different publications? So much changes with the stylist!
It looks like the homeowner is a big fan of upholstering walls. The master bedroom below is upholstered in this stylized floral linen from Osbourne and Little and the pink living room below is also a linen on the walls.
My kids would be alllll over this playhouse!
A George Smith sofa wrapped in silk velvet and Serge Mouille sconces? WOW.
I think this home is a perfect example of how to pull off colorful decor without looking silly or cheap. There are lots of neutrals, lots of muddy colors, and just splashes of clear primary colors. I think the result is an exciting and energizing space that’s also completely livable.
What did you think?
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28 thoughts on “Thinking about upholstered doors

  1. Maybe I'm too practical (two boys and one girl!)but the fabric on the door edge will wear quickly unless the doors are kept in a propped open position, depending on the fabric and its shade fingerprints would be a nightmare to deal with. I like the color of the door and think paint would be the way to go to accomplish the same effect.

  2. GASP!!!!!!!! Best. House. Ever. Seriously, you've found my dream home. I'm off to do some googling to see more photos!

  3. wow, thanks for sharing these photos! i am so curious to hear about your upholstered door project – sounds intimidating to me but no doubt you'll pull it off beautifully!

  4. Jenny you've been killin it with the home projects lately! I know you have so many commitments, so it amazes me when you're able to post these hugely amazing and seriously time consuming diy's. I just can't *wait* to see this door upholstery project.

  5. I wish I could get inside your brain for even five minutes! I love reading your blog becasue you share with us how you think about design. Your approach is so, well, approachable! But so high end! I'm gushing now. Point is I really love reading LGN. That's how I start every morning. Coffee and LGN first thing or momma is cranky! (-:

  6. OH THIS HOUSE! Love. Adore. Every bit of it. My favorite shot is the pink room with THAT SOFA and the little random collage of polaroids just hanging out on the wall. I would move in there in-a-heatbeat!

  7. Many years ago, I upholstered the inside of my bedroom doors because I wanted a pop of color. I loved it.
    What a fun project! Can't wait to see your end result.

  8. Wow this house is amazing. It reminds me a lot of your home as well. Wonderful balance of colors and like you said its pulled off without looking miss matched.

    These are going in my inspiration file for sure!

  9. Can't wait to see your project. I was actually thinking about that for the inside of the door of my husband's new music studio. I want to put up upholstered fabric panels on the walls too to deaden the sound. And I don't want those cheesy egg crate things, I want pretty even though it's not my room. ;)

  10. yes! yes! yes! on the upholstered doors! I used to hate them as a teenager because they made me think of our school principal's office.

    They were those brown, pleather tacky things.

    Then I started working as a designer assistant for Miles Redd and let me tell you my opinion on upholstered doors changed so much that I even upholstered my own $10 thrift store cabinet at home and loved it!

    Such a great way to give your furniture a new look on a dime!

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