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Copy Cat Design: Chic, Modern Desk

Copy Cat Design

Colleen, who may have suckered me into buying a gingham dress, is back in action today with another killer copy cat post! I loved this room from Adore too! PS Colleen mentions Pinterest in her round up. Thought I would mention she is one of my favorite Pinners around. Follow her here.

I have a confession. I really, really love office supplies. Walking into Container Store makes my knees buckle, and guys, I am not an organized person. So when I saw Claudia Stephenson’s Sydney office area in Adore magazine, I was a little smitten. 
I love the glass ball lamp in the picture, but I’d settle for a lucite one too. Another option are these mini ball lamps–you get a pair for $220, which is quite the deal!
In my fantasy life, my pencils all match. The little things.
We should probably refrain from choosing bright pink for every storage container. Unless this is for a young girl, in which case I suggest you go wild. A simple, natural fiber storage basket adds just enough texture.
A little luxury for your workspace, that’s it!

Stash receipts and other not-so-pretty but necessary things.

A little caveat: if you spend a significant amount of time at your desk, definitely invest in something more comfortable than a side chair. But plopping down for a little Pinterest session, I love this chair.
A place for the bits and bobs to live, like business cards.
Resist the temptation to buy a matching desk set and use non-office things, like votive holders, small vases, and drinking glasses, as pencil holders. 
I dig the small collection of vintage Penguin editions in the image. Popping into used book stores is one of my favorite things, and you can always find some cool-looking covers.
Pretty square scarves make excellent art. This office uses a Hermes scarf, but I’m a little partial to this Kate Spade pattern!
Ground all the color and slickness with a simple jute rug.
For an x-desk, I really like this one from Z Gallerie. But if you just want a simple white lacquer desk, nothing much beats the Parsons Desk from West Elm. 
What did you think?
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21 thoughts on “Copy Cat Design: Chic, Modern Desk

  1. Hello!

    Great post. I love this desk – it's stunning, isn't it? I just posted it on my blog this week too (plus I also did one about framing silk scarves…. we are in tune!).

    Great to see how to recreate the look, thanks for sharing!


  2. What a pretty little office space! Love the inspiration – and the copycat design suggestions. Thanks!

  3. So pretty! We have the Josephine desk from World Market, which is even cheaper (got it on sale, too), and a similar white X-desk look.

    Can anyone suggest a simple desk solution for a desktop computer in a corner of the living room? Not a Mac (which is in every single photo I find), but one with a separate CPU? We have a small corner (about 45" on each side), and like having a spot where we can keep an eye on the kids when they're online. Don't need storage, just some writing surface (to spread out a tiny bit for work or homework).

  4. Hi!
    I love the Adore workspace. Funny, the print hit me as being "French" even before I read that it is a Hermes scarf. Very inspirational workspace.

  5. I feel the exact same way about the container store!!! I could spend all day in there. Love the way you created this look! B

  6. Hi Jenny, love it! Can you recommend where one might be able to find some frames the size of Hermes scarves?

    I have some old ones from my grandma, but custom framing is so expensive, and the size is atypical….do you have any recommendations on where to buy? Especially online?

    Cheers and thanks as always for having such a brilliant blog.

  7. Love this design! I too have an intense love of office supplies despite my mediocre organization skills. Container Store makes me giggle. :)

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