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Full Color Family Photos


I’ve always defaulted to black and white for family photos I put on display. I think maybe it feels a little more formal.

But lately I’ve been super drawn to family photos in color. It was this gallery wall in Ralph Lauren’s home that first caught my eye.

But then this home on APT with LSD fully converted me. I think the trick to pulling off the look is very thin, simple frames.

I know I would be instantly drawn to this wall as a visitor! Wouldn’t you? I’m dying to put one of these walls in our next place.

I think the blocks of color here make this arrangement especially artful – a mostly red/orange tinted photo, photos in mostly blues and one that’s mostly all green tinted. More neutral photos fill in the gaps. There is beauty up close in the individual shots and then standing back, the arrangement has a lovely abstract flow. As they say, it’s a lot of work to look effortless. :)

PS If you don’t mind frames that are a little larger, I’d go with this two-pack from Michaels I used in this project (and here’s a shot of the frames in their packaging). SUCH a great deal and the frames are perfectly slim and modern.

What did you think?
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21 thoughts on “Full Color Family Photos

  1. you know what, youre right, it makes you want to go look at them a little more than b/w does. and – do you remember a few years back (heck prob 10 by now, she's had so many different features) when Rita Koenig's apartment had that fireplace wall with polaroids. I LOVED that! I woulda spent an hour looking at every pic.


  2. Wow! That's amazing, i love that wall. And thanks to you I've been using those frames for almost 2 years. I go buy them up when there are coupons and stock up. They are the best!

  3. I love those frames! Awhile back I bought a bunch at Micheals and did a photo collage with them. I thought I only wanted black & white photos. But then I looked at all our wedding and baby photos and they were so colorful, I did the whole collage in color!
    I love it!

  4. OOO – I have never seen pic done with the colored frames. I like it. I can't even decide which I like the best. Either way will turn out cute!

  5. Great finds, Jenny. I really like the grouping with the bold red frames- what a statement! I look forward to seeing how you implement a colorful photo wall in your own home!


  6. Get out of my head! I am in the process, this very morning, of taking photos out of their various frames, with the intention of heading to ikea for dozens of black painted white matted photo frames to create a uniform gallery. Will be a mix of black and white and color photos, but I am gambling on it working as long as the frames are uniform. Great to see this visual reinforcement! Thank you, Jenny – love all your practical, clever and achievable (yay!) project ideas.

  7. I find that my taste is also changing when it comes to photographs and vignettes for the wall. I really like different frames, sizes shapes and colors with my black and white photos where years ago all my frames had to be exactly the same and I also like color photos but tend to like all those frames to look the same. Great post!

  8. While I do love black & white and have a wall of old family photos all in b&w, I also love photos of my redheaded children in color. Also I think a wall of color photos is a great shot of color in a neutral space. Everyone who comes into my house looks at a big wall of them in my kitchen – they are FUN!

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