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The Ties That Bind

Why Don't You

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of binding together a handful of inexpensive/less expensive flat weave rugs to make a large custom size rug. I think the look would be super casual and boho. See how cool Amanda Peet’s rug looks?

Here are a few less expensive small rugs and runners that I think would look really great stitched together. Pricing listed below.

Overstock Patterned Sisal: $194 for four rugs to make an 8×10. This rug looks a little more on the rusty side in person. I’d love to see it paired with this pretty turquoise twine!
Overstock Nikolay Rug: Four runners makes an 8×10 for $374. And how perfect is the combo with neon pink twine?

IKEA Soften Rug: $150 for six rugs to make an 8×10. I think this would be a super dramatic and sophisticated look, with dark charcoal twine. I imagine it in a chic living room or a really cool office.
Pottery Barn Chindi Stripe : Make a 6×6′ rug to go under a round pedestal table for your breakfast nook. $236 for six rugs. (I really want this one!)

IKEA Andrup Rug: $140 for four rugs to make an 8×10. What a steal for a GREAT play room rug! I’m loving that sky blue jute twine!

West Elm Izmir Dhurrie: $206 to make a 5×7 rug. I would pair it with this neon yellow twine for a super cool little boys room rug. It’s outdoor material, so you can even hose it down! Keep some IKEA flokati throws handy for layered texture and comfort, though if you take a close look at all the images, the rug actually looks just like wool! I bet it’s softer than most outdoor rugs.

I can’t wait to try this idea out in our next place. It looks like such a simple over-under type stitch (blanket or whip stitch, maybe?). So very easy!
What did you think?
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33 thoughts on “The Ties That Bind

  1. I did this with 6 2×3 west elm rugs, of two different patterns, for our dinning room and loved the look, though I didn't sew them in a rectangle, I went for an irregular shape. Love how those striped ones look together!

  2. Did you guys do this yourselves or have it done for you? I've thought about it before but have not been sure if I did it the binding would stay!

    Thanks for the pricing too Jennie! This makes an 8×10 rug somewhat affordable!

  3. That's a totally cool idea!

    On another note, I have to assume that whoever did the staging for that photo has no idea who John Currin is. His paintings are… rather odd.

  4. I really love this idea and all the color combinations you came up with. I'm definitely pinning this one!


    P.S. -I made an Anthropologie inspired pillow with a similiar stitch and showed how to do it… just in case you needed a tutorial for the stitch.

  5. I love it! What great inspiration. I actually did this in my daughters nursery 7 years ago. The rugs were not as cool but I wanted a larger rug for little money. It worked really well!

  6. Sarah Richardson did this for a long dining room. It looked like the guy put the seam over a thick' metal rod and stitched while it was on the ground. I bet it's to ensure that the rug stays flush and doesn't shift during the process. I like this idea (a lot!) but if it doesn't sit flat or line up right it would look cheap (in my opinion).

  7. I have 2 of the IKEA white flatwoven rugs (the 5×8 size) and I have been contemplating on what to do with them. I am in need of a large living room rug and I love sisal but I am concerned about stains. Any thoughts?

  8. I had thought about doing this for a cheap living room rug but wasn't sure how it would look. I like it! Unfortunately I just (like 30 minutes ago) ordered a new 8×10 rug for the room.

  9. I did this with some awesome striped Ikea runners a few years ago, it turned out great! i could vacuum it, even wash it & it held up. I think your idea to emphasize the stitching makes it a lot more chic and a lot less budget/homemade…

  10. Sarah Richardson tried this in an episode of Sarah 101 with two zebra rugs. It came out really well!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with

  11. I think I will use this idea, if I can get my hubby to sign off!

    Besides the budget-friendliness, I think you could also clip them apart to make them more manageable to clean.

  12. I love the idea – I've been trying to find for several years an image (I think it was in Domino) of two Moroccan rugs stitched together. The effect was FAB.

  13. I bound four rugs for my huge studio: it was either buying a $3,800 red wool rug or buying four red wool rugs from Ikea, at $90 each. I went for the cheap solution and six uears later the "rug" is still serving its purpose. the $3,500 i spent on a trip to Italy.

  14. I've ALWAYS loved that Domino issue with Amanda Pete's place! I can't help but flip through it from time to time just to get ideas. And this was a great one to highlight. Using rugs is one of my favorite ways to add texture and color into a room, and I like how you've shared some affordable options.

    Great ideas!

  15. what a fantastic idea, I've been thinking of doing something similar to my black and white ikea stripe rug. You have great ideas, I love checking in to see what you'll do next. Very inspirational, thanks!!

  16. Did this years ago with two identical rugs and matching embroidery thread (doubled or tripled, I think) for my family room. Loved it! Thinking of doing it again for my odd-shaped living room.

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