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Toy Box Redo


My approach to toy organization is pretty simple compared to the systems some of my super organized friends have. Books go on the shelf, small toys go in the fabric bins and large toys go in the big toy box. It’s been our system for ages and it works for us.

The first toy box we had was a clearance aisle find from TJ Maxx or Marshalls and it lasted us several years then finally kicked the bucket during the move to NYC (like, it broke in the truck I think). Then oddly enough the day we moved in, our neighbor across the hall was hauling this gigantic chinese chest out to the curb and I did the awkward – ‘Hi nice to meet you! What’s that? what are you doing with it? So you don’t want it any more?’ conversation. What a lousy first impression right? #embarrassing
Also embarrassing is that the chest has seen no improvements in almost two years other than an occasional wipe down. I know it doesn’t look it, but it is super clean, just very old and beat up.
I’ve been pumping out a couple projects for the girls room this week though, so the toy box finally got some attention yesterday. I wiped it down again, filled the (many) cracks with wood filler, and then painted it with Sherwin Williams’ In the Pink.
I finished the first coat of paint, stood back and had a weird deja vu moment. Then I suddenly remembered this image from Sibella Court/Vogue Living:
What the WHAT with that box color! It’s so weird how ideas seep into our subconscious!
Since the toy box lid is open 99% of the time, I wanted to do something fun with the lining of the trunk. I thought about just painting it a contrasting color, but I had a bunch of this chartruese linen on hand and I thought it looked so pretty with the pink. I got both the linen and the orange/magenta braid trim at SAS in Phoenix, AZ (one of the greatest bargain trim stores EVER – I practically clean them out each time we visit home).
Using my trusty staple gun, I just ran a line of straight staples along the top of the fabric inside the trunk, then along the left side, then I pulled tight and stapled down the right side. Then I pulled really tight and stapled along the bottom. (basically my approach to every upholstery project is the same)
It’s okay if your lines aren’t perfect – that’s what the trim is for. The goal here is tight fabric.
Once I finished the inside of the box, I did the three panel insets in the top of the lid too.
Then I used a little Magnatac to glue the trim on top of the staples. Magnatac is super-strength, so I think it will hold up well, but I’m also thinking about putting in a few small nails to keep the trim extra secure.
I love the way the toy box looks opened and closed now. I’m so sad I let this project go undone for so long.
I’m giving the glue a night to fully dry, so the girls will be able to enjoy another morning of toys all over the dining room floor. I guess this was a good project for spring break :)
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