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Matches Cup


The pilot light on one of the burners on our stove is a little unreliable (even though it’s been fixed a few times – we can’t figure it out), so we have to keep matches on hand. I picked up a box of these green tipped matches at Target because I thought the color was cute.

The big box is less cute though and if I see it and have to use it almost every day, I think it should be cute! So I bought a few of these pretty mercury glass votives at Gracious Home and thought one would make a perfect match holder.

I remember seeing this idea in a magazine or blog somewhere. It’s a two minute project (my favorite kind!). All you do is cut off a square of striking paper and glue it to the bottom of your cup. I use Magnatac
almost every time I need a glue!
My cup was a little deeper than the matches, so I put an inch or so of coarse salt at the bottom before filling with the matches.

Looks cute and works well too with the striking paper on the bottom. Also, my girls don’t know how to use matches, but just to be safe we keep the cup back further where they can’t get to it. 

Love seeing those little green tips! :) Much better than a lighter or big old cardboard box!

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  1. I put ours for the grill in a canning jar with a lid and the strip of striking paper on the underside of the lid. That way if they get left outside they won't be ruined!

  2. Good idea. I've always wondered where you are supposed to strike the matches when you try to display them like that.

  3. Hi Jenny – such a simple yet beautiful idea. Have to do this! Hope they still have the red tipped kind (would go better in my kitchen!). I like this better than always getting out the lighter from my junk drawer (yes, I still have one).

    Hope everything is going well with your move to your loft. Hope NYC is treating you well.Good luck with your backyard. I had a small backyard like that when I lived in Queens. Though small – I found it so easy to take care of. You can do so much with a small space. Now I love on Long Island – and my backyard is HUGE!! The pool and the patio take up a lot of space – but I am slowly building up plant/flower inventory to make it beautiful. Could use more money – and a few more hands to make it gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what you do with your space.

    Love your blog – thanks for your inspiration.


  4. so cute! I have the same problem with my ancient stove in my little north end (boston) apartment. I think I might do the very same thing! thanks for the great idea!

  5. It may have been House*Tweaking where you saw this project… she did it last year for a present I think? Who knows if she was the first one to come up with the idea though? Anyway, looks great! Love the green matches!

  6. No kidding – I have those same matches and 2 weeks ago I was so disappointed I didn't have a short enough container to display them.
    SALT!!! – the perfect solution. Thanks! Michele

  7. This is a comment regarding your yard possiblities. First, yeah, great potential. 1) Do a cluster of three pots in the corner of your upper deck with a taller one in the back for height. 2) Grass it. It's cheap and your girls will love it. Just be sure to go online and prepare the soil correctly so that the grass seed really takes well and mud shouldn't be an issue. Definitely do seed, as it is cheaper and takes better if you amend the soil. I think you said this was rental. Yes, to new beds on the sides and improved hedge in the back. Love all the inspiration photos but seems like too much of an investment for a rental. Good luck and keep us in the loop!

  8. I think it's funny you have to put all these caveats about how you put step stools away or keep matches away from your children, or else the crazy commenters will attack you. Clearly you aren't putting your children in danger…matches or not :)

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