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Six Random Thoughts


I got back late last night from a whirlwind trip to Chicago. My head is still spinning a little from the past couple of very busy weeks, but here are six things I’m enjoying lately:

1) Julie from Shelter Interior Design was also in Chicago yesterday and I was so glad to finally meet her. She is so cool and, truly, her blog is an absolute feast for the eyes! These are some photos of her house in Boston. She’s got skills – girlfriend can dream up a gorgeous space in about five minutes flat (trust me, I saw her do it yesterday!).

2) I think pale blue and rust orange might be my favorite color combo of the past couple months. Maybe that’s why I’ve been wearing these boots almost non-stop all spring. They are not super high, so they’re perfect for running around the city all day. Every single time I wear them someone stops to ask me where they’re from, which is always fun, right ladies?

3) One of my old clients is moving apartments and doesn’t have room any more for this adorable pale aqua settee we bought together last summer. It’s in almost perfect condition and she’s selling it for a fraction of what she paid. She’s on the Upper East side and would need you to pick it up yourself. Email me for more details.

4) Kirsten blogged about these West Elm planters last week and I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind. Aren’t they gorgeous (and they’re on sale!)? So sleek! I’m imagining a super feminine flowering plant in these, or maybe round two of my citrus trees (which sadly died pretty quickly in our loft – not nearly enough light in here I’m guessing?)

5) This white herringbone pattern quilt from Target, which is only available in stores, is a really great buy. It looks so pretty tucked in tight on a bed, with a colorful duvet folded at the foot (my forever-favorite look for bedding).

6) Last Saturday Joanna hosted a Mother’s Day brunch at Karen Mordechai’s stunning loft in Williamsburg. Karen runs Sunday Suppers which is a beautiful cooking+dining class that I’m dying to take (hopefully sometime this summer). The food on Saturday was phenomenal, and the company, even better! I love these creative, beautiful, super inspiring women.

photo swiped from my new across-the-street neighbor, Jamie Beck
See here how I’m holding Leigh’s new little peanut? That was such a treat. But seriously, want to know what’s not a helpful thing to do when you’re fighting baby fever? Holding adorable newborns. So not helpful.
from my Instagram (follow me at jennykomenda)
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26 thoughts on “Six Random Thoughts

  1. Oooh baby fever. Today I saw three little 2 year olds all dressed in pink holding hands and skipping into our office foyer. It was the cutest thing ever and made me baby crazy!! PS – Love the herringbone quilt. I wish Target in Australia was as good as it is in the US!

  2. Anyone care to share how much that duvet is? (before I run out and try to buy it!) Also, LOVE that dining room you ate in Jenny!! I'd love that in my home. I love the simple table setting too. -Boo

  3. Sounds like you have had some amazing weeks! I love the rust armchair in the first pic – those big nailheads add so much to the chair!

  4. Love the aqua settee. I'm in California or I would definitely take it off your client's hands. Can you please share where it came from originally.

  5. I JUST saw that settee on CL. I'm assuming its the same one. I'd love to get it, but I want a green colored one. Great price though!

  6. Such a small world that you had brunch with Brooke – I taught her daughter, Ada a few years ago! What an inspiring group of women. Today is definitely a day for random thoughts! xo

  7. Thank you for sharing your random posts! They are all very interesting, especially your fifth random thought. I am planning to purchase one and place it indoors, as I am living in a Denver real estate. Placing one might enhance the look of my interiors!

  8. Hi! I'm addicted to your blog btw! =)

    I have to know where Julie got that thick shelved bookcase??? I have been on a mad hunt for those exact shelves and have not had any luck whatsoever! And I'm obsessed with them!

    Can you please help me source them or find something similar? (the closest I've found are the Parson's type bookcase, but these are open on all sides – not really liking that too much)

    Thank you so much for any help you can provide and thank you for your amazing blog!

  9. Hi Jenny! Love your rust colored boots. Lately, I love wearing orange and adding some turquoise jewelry (like a big chunky necklace)…such a fun Spring color mix! Thanks for sharing your thoughts today. Hope all is well!

    xo Grace

  10. First of all, obsessed with the Target quilt! Must go! On another note, I am definitely interested in the green settee for a client (or I might be selfish and keep it!) I tried to email but my outlook doesn't work so if you could email me the details directly, I appreciate it! I am in Westchester, NY…just a hop, skip and a jump!
    Thnx! Joanne @ Homestyling101

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