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Upholstering a Parsons Console Table


One of the things I bought last weekend at the Chelsea Flea was this old, beat up Parsons console table. The dimensions are *perfect* for the wall I want to put the tv on in the the living room of the brownstone.

But, guys, look at this heavily textured crackle finish. Blerg. There’s nothing you can do with that other than strip it. Which is totally an option, but I’m leaning toward upholstering the table with an embossed vinyl or a grasscloth (maybe lacquered grasscloth).

My friends over at Matters of Style did a great tutorial on upholstering an IKEA Malm table.

I think Sarah did such a great job here! Looks super expensive for not a lot of money actually spent. It would be fun to try this with a little nailhead trim too. (here’s some inspiration)

PS Sarah also runs an online shop called MoS Marketplace and it’s always being updated with the greatest vintage finds! I have the shop’s url in my Google Reader subscriptions so I can snag the pieces I want as soon as they’re posted.

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23 thoughts on “Upholstering a Parsons Console Table

  1. You should do it in the faux ostrich you are always talking about. It would look amazing if it fits the style of your space.

    I just started do something similar to Sarah at

  2. congrats on the new place! i love LGN so much jennica, you do an incredible job with your blog. it's by far my favorite design blog out there, and i read a lot of them. i love how you put your personality into it and i love your style. i am excited to see what you do with the new digs!

  3. Seriously! After every post I read on your blog I wonder how you are going to top it. You seriously amaze me with your creativity! Thank you for helping those of us who lack the vision that comes so naturally to you!!

  4. Ive been looking for something to go on the backside of my couch (which faces the kitchen) that I can put a couple baskets under to catch all the randoms that seem to escape the rest of the house. This just may be the ticket! I love that the one you got looks pretty long. Any ideas for building one to fit "just right" behind my sofa? Or what do you think about 2 side by side?

  5. I have a friend who covered a Parsons table like this many years ago with a smallish sisal rope, row after row after row, covered every square inch of it (glued it on) for the natural/neutral look. It is flat-out gorgeous in any decor, and I have coveted it ever since.

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