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Websites, Catalogs and In-store


Wow! What a whirlwind week! It feels like I haven’t had time to even blink since last weekend. Do you have any fun plans for the holiday? We’re staying in town, but hoping to get out of the house everyday for some adventures. Also hoping to see the new Wes Anderson film, which is getting great reviews. Can’t wait!

Yesterday Michael helped me move some things to our storage unit in preparation for the move (I’m getting SO excited!) and then last night we did a little shopping outside the city. The sales are good this year and we bought Michael some new suits (which helped me feel less guilty about the summer shopping I’ve been doing lately for me and the girls. Must stop!). We also dropped by Home Decorators in NJ. Did you know they have a handful of brick and mortar stores? It was so nice to be able to check out a few items in person before ordering them.

It frustrates me that it feels so risky to order things online! Wouldn’t it save so much hassle for customers and for the companies just to include lots of images (close and far away), with truly accurate color representation? I hope this gets better over time. I’ve noticed some eBay sellers include a hex color code for fabric they are selling so you can refer to a second source. That is SO smart! More retailers should do this!

Anyway. Home Decorators was interesting. They had some cute accessories that I didn’t take many photos of – glass cake stands and tons of great planters.

And I really loved these two large wall clocks. Aren’t the hands awesome? Feels like it should be in a Kate Spade store.

Even though it’s a bit pricey, I’m thinking about buying this one. I’ve been looking for a more modern-feeling square clock forever and this one is a good size.

I had considered these chairs based on the online photo (don’t they look like they’d be a breeze to reupholster?), but in person the proportions were not good. And the chair was totally uncomfortable – you could feel the frame underneath the foam seat.

These were comfy though, if you’re looking for a good price on Louis style chairs. ($169 ea)

I also saw the zinc table I was so excited about.

From a few feet back it looks really great and I like the smokey blue gray color.

But the finish was a little different than I was expecting. It’s a little more bumpy, which doesn’t remind me of zinc. I don’t know if it really bothered me, but it was good to know I guess. It’s on sale and there’s free shipping this weekend. so…..hmm.

I’m still thinking about pairing the table with these Bertoia style chairs (the vintage ones I looked at before were too beat up for the price). Plus, I wouldn’t feel bad about painting these a fun color.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend! xoxo

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  1. We have a Home Decorators here in Chicago, tucked in the back corner of a downtown Home Depot. It is great to be able to visit the store, but it can also be disappointing. The Home Decorators here won't let you purchase anything but accessories off the floor — all furniture and rugs still have to be ordered through the catalog. Great store for budget clients, but not if they need an item quick.

  2. So far I have been incredibly lucky with my online purchases. In addition to books, DVDs and CDs, I've also purchased fabric, mohair throws, artwork, shadow boxes, decorative sponges, real coral and 2 giant faux clam shells. Not one of my purchases has been a dud. Mind you, I've never bought a major piece of furniture online, though I've come close a couple of times.

  3. I have two decorating clients right now who want to see everything in person before they buy (both are my mother's generation), and it is amazing how many options are now ONLY available on line! (Or custom and you can only see a picture in a catalog and maybe a finish swatch.) It feels like this is the way the decor world is moving–obviously cheaper to have no show room rent and expense–but yes, they need to find better ways to communicate their product. I recently ordered swatches from HDC for some arm chairs and headboards and after several weeks I checked in only to be told that swatches did not exist for the chairs and that my order was nowhere in the system. a week later, I got an email that part of my (second try) order had been cancelled. Luckily this client is in no rush, but really, it has turned me off to shopping with the,!

  4. We bought two Bertoia barstools when we lived in New Orleans. They were reproductions, but still – they were the most uncomfortable chairs we've ever owned! They came with the pads shown in your photo. Just wanted to warn you! I'm sure you've tried them out. But, if you have any reservations about the comfort level, follow your intuition! We sold ours within the year…

  5. Your comment about moving things to your storage unit got me thinking about the moving process and I would love to see a post about how you plan to save money doing it. I recently went through an out of state move and, despite getting lots of quotes, was shocked by how difficult it was to keep the cost from being many thousands of dollars! We ended up paying for labor to load and unload the truck, and packed and drove the truck ourselves. But I still had tons of my fragile "decorator accessories" that I was too afraid to pack (you know, the ones we all have: ginger jars, trimmed out lampshades, the glass from the brass bar cart, not to mention the fiddle leaf fig!) that I carried separately in the car, barely leaving room for the dog! The whole process generated many eye rolls from the husband who thought my carefully collected vintage treasures were rather ordinary and couldn't I just buy them again in our new city. It was a nightmare and in the end we realized we didn't save that much over the full service movers.

  6. I'm in love with those metal chairs – I've been dying to get a few for my breakfast nook. They would look perfect with my tulip table!

  7. i would love to be able to see pictures of online stuff as well! especially with having "Joss & Main" and "One Kings Lane"… sites that are practically begging me to just buy buy away.

    so excited for you and the move. well not the actual move part because that is never fun but change always feels so good. i'm so excited to see what the new place looks like and what you'll do with it. i look forward to your blog every day, you have such a fun and unique style. not too bloggy bloggy and i appreciate that so much! i think you do such a great job at satisfying readers who want to see something every day…. you are AMAZING at taking pictures and documenting everything. i love love love it!

    hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Chairs are always the scariest thing for me to order sight-unseen. I did order dining chairs from overstock, but the shipping was free and they were so inexpensive I figured if I hated them I could just craigslist them again. It turned out that I love them, super comfortable, just the right depth…

    I've been dreaming of a zinc table, although in my dreams the texture is smooth not bumpy…


  9. What a great post and terrific timing. I have had my eye on that zinc table and with the sale and shipping have been really holding back. Please let us know if you get it. Also, good to know about the chair. Thanks for posting and have a wonderful holiday weekend. Sarah

  10. would love it if online stores had a photo of the item next to something familiar for size comparison. Btw, just got a coupon code in the mail for home decorators 15%. (If you decide to go for that zinc table.)

  11. I didn't know Home Decorators had brick and mortar locations. I find it so hard to go through with online furniture purchases. Its hard to spend that much money on a piece with out seeing the quality in real life.

    Thanks for all the information Jenny. Has anyone seen this love seat in person?

    I love the blog! Good luck with the move, I know it can be stressful. I cannot wait to see what you do with the new place!

  12. HDC used to have an outlet in St Louis (where they are HQed) and then sold some overstock pieces to a place in Columbia, Missouri where I used to live (that place is now out of biz). Between the two, I furnished over half my post divorce apt — and still have most of it 10+ years later! So I can at least vouch for the longevity of their pieces. Getting ready to paint some of the pieces and slipcover some of the others…

  13. I had no idea there was a home decorators in NJ! Now that we have moved out from NYC to NJ I am definitely going to check it out. I need a chair for a vanity table in our bedroom and I think the Louis chair you showed here is perfect! I also like those blue and green pillows peeking through in the last photo!

  14. I had no idea there was a home decorators in NJ! Now that we have moved out from NYC to NJ I am definitely going to check it out. I need a chair for a vanity table in our bedroom and I think the Louis chair you showed here is perfect! I also like those blue and green pillows peeking through in the last photo!

  15. I saw the silver parsons style desk from West Elm in the outlet store and thought about your post. Great price but wondered if you would like it up close. The top was not smooth…sort of wrinkly. Extra 10% off today but I'm in Tennessee so won't help you.

  16. Wow! Great reviews! I have been wanting to get into NJ to check out the store. I couldn't help but spy that chest of drawers behind that Louis chair that I have been eyeing as well! It might be worth the trip across the bridge! BTW, congrats on the move to Brooklyn Heights- beautiful area! Can't wait to see how your new place evolves!

  17. I just ordered and received the HD small zinc side table. You are right about the finish…lovely blue-gray color, but not quite what I was expecting. I still really like it though overall and it looks great with the all-weather wicker chairs on my front porch! I didn't know Home Decorators had some actual shops…will have to see if they have one in my area!

  18. Jenny, I'm moving from CA to jersey and literally just drove past this store this weekend and was SO psyched that they have a real storefront. didn't have time to stop but can't wait to check it out in person later!

  19. Oh I am so excited to see your post about Home Decorators! I admire so many of their things online and they seem to be well-reviewed, but there is just nothing like seeing it in person! I am headed to Atlanta later this month, and I made a specific request with my hostess that we plan time for a trip to the Alpharetta, GA store so I can check out all my HD faves in real life!

  20. Jenny-
    I just read through all these comments and found no negative ones about HDC. I ordered a wood filing cabinet from them in January that arrived damaged and have been trying to get a resolution since. Yes, it's June, and still no refund. If you go to the BBB for Missouri and look at their complaints/reviews, one can find that their furniture often arrives damaged and returns/refunds are delayed. I would never, ever, ever order from them again. Customer service reps are nice and apologize, but no action is ever taken.
    Of course, I am sure there are people who have had luck, but I would caution anyone ordering online with this company. Thanks!!

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