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Black and White Striped Throw


If you have $20 burning a hole in your pocket, I know how you can spend it. IKEA’s Eivor throw is such a great little blanket. It feels like everyone has one, and for good reason.

It’s soft like a knitted sweater and it washes well, but the biggest selling point is the great black and white stripe – a pattern that is surprisingly hard to find in throw-form. And it is SUCH a fun addition to any room. Buy one. Buy three!

You may have noticed an Eivor throw hanging out on our old headboard. I was so sick of the old fabric on our bedframe! We had plans to reupholster it ages ago, but our bedroom was definitely on the back burner. Finally I’m picking out a fabric to order this week and I’ve decided to go with the velvet route. I’m leaning toward the silk coral on the left. There will be brass nail trim and new bedding too. Yessssssss!

What’s your vote? The peacock velvet on the end is lovely in person, but I think it might match too much with the painting.

Also, do you have the Eivor throw? Link party in the comments section if you want to share how/where you use yours!

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49 thoughts on “Black and White Striped Throw

  1. I can't believe I didn't know about this throw before now! I'm in love with the black and white stripe! So on trend right now, but timeless. Also, I like the coral velvet too!

  2. I love what you've done with the frame over your bed. That painting was a great find, and the gold really makes it pop!

    The peacock velvet looks gorgeous, but the coral would give such a nice shot of color against black walls.

    I think it's fantastic the way you use color in your home and I really look forward to seeing what you do with your next house.

  3. I just used that Kravet coral fabric in my final project for class and I love it! I paired it with the Cole & Son's Hummingbird wallpaper and I LOVED the two together :)

  4. Coral velvet all the way — wow, I'm completely mad about that color and imagining it against black walls….. Plus it's nice how it complements the painting instead of matching it.

    The throw is lovely too — something my grandma would have loved.

  5. Not yet, but I want one. If I can get close to an IKEA, I'll buy one for sure. I wish you could shop online or better yet Oklahoma should have a store!

  6. Every time I see this throw in Ikea I'm drawn to it. I think you've just convinced me to buck up and buy the damn thing. After all, you can't go wrong with a black and white stripe! I love the coral for your headboard. I agree, I think the blue is a little too matchy matchy with the painting and the coral will stand out superbly against your black walls. Can't wait to see it all come together!

  7. Love that throw, as do the two yorkies that live with me ~ blanket battles every night on our couch, I think I'll get them their own next time I swing thru Ikea.
    Coral. I love it, it's happy and sexy and vibrant all at once. I like the navy too, but coral is what I'm crushing on there.

  8. Nice throw! I just put my fuzzy white sofa blanket away (wasn't right for summer) and I think this would be a perfect replacement! I also love the coral for the headboard. It would look lovely paired with black walls whereas the deep blue may disappear.

  9. The fabric in the middle is my favorite. Is it a greenish light grey? Anyway, I like it matchy matchy :-) And I definitely have to see, if I can get that Ikea throw here in Berlin as well!

  10. Oh I love both the coral and the peacock and they look great together. What about doing one on the headboard and using the other as an accent color on the bedding? I'm partial to the peacock but I love black and indigo together.

  11. This is such a lovely post! It really reflects on what we posted today about "black/white" decor as well ( Great mind thinks alike right! Any decorating plans for you this weekend?

  12. I bought the throw blanket a couple months ago for my living room, but it moves around. Everyone in my family loves it! I'm tempted to buy a couple more because it's so classic. :)

    As for the velvet, I agree with pve design, the coral will look fab with all the black.

  13. I love the black and white stripe and honestly, I wouldn't change it (except to update the fabric if it's seeming worn). Can you work the coral velvet in as some accent pillows?

  14. I love the black and white stripe and honestly, I wouldn't change it (except to update the fabric if it's seeming worn). Can you work the coral velvet in as some accent pillows?

  15. Love silk velvet but be mindful of how it wears. There are other velvets out there although the silk is definitely different. It will water spot and can leave impressions. Try it out on your sample before the big investment. Love your blog!

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