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Making Curtains Out of Drop Cloths


Using canvas drop cloths from the hardware store is a super economical way to make thick, light-filtering curtains. There is magic happening in the interwebs, and all sorts of creative bloggers have come up with great methods for jazzing up the panels – paint, dye, trim, you name it.

Check out a lovely assortment of links and ideas for drop cloths HERE on my latest post for the Better Homes and Gardens blog.

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PS Remember this project we used drop cloths for? 
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25 thoughts on “Making Curtains Out of Drop Cloths

  1. Im so excited to be trying some stiped dropcloth curtains! Thank you for the inspiration and I will let you know how they turn out:))

  2. Ok, thank you. This is an answer to prayers. When we moved into our little place last year it had no blinds or curtains. I rushed to the nearest thrift store and picked up the only thing I could find that would cover 2 60"x60" windows. They look like church curtains from the 80s. But they have worked, just an inch of open space on either side :) Now I'm dying to have decent looking curtains, but my husband's a grad student, I'm home with our 2 littles and budget is next to $0 for unneccesaries.

    Finally decided I could take $50 to do them, but it's depressing how much good-looking fabric or curtains cost. Anyway, blah blah blah, but THANK YOU for posting this today. It's given me more ideas and places to work with. Cheers.

  3. Thank you! I was just searching your blog last night for more about drop cloth draperies, so to see this post this morning was amazing :)

  4. This is fantastic–thank you! One question: Any recommendations as to the best fabric paint to use that won't bleed (spray is favorable)?

  5. So funny how we all seem to be on the same page. Just yesterday, I looked up drop clothes on Lowes website and emailed the link to my husband. Told him we have to make curtains out of them for our outdoor space. Because they are canvas and durable! Then boom! you do this post. Brilliant! So now not only am I using them for my space! I'm going to stencil them too!

  6. I'd never thought of using drop cloths like this before. This would be great to help block out some of the light in my kid's rooms so they can sleep a bit better. If they're made from canvas, then I bet I could embroider them too.

  7. Jenny, Congrats on being a BHG Style Spotter! so proud of you girl!
    Love to use drop cloths for upholstery, too. I have bleached the heck out of them and gotten beautiful fabric from it, so easy to work with.

  8. Jenny I have a drop cloth just waiting to be transformed!! Bravo on your article; I was excited to see you!

    I think you will like my Giveaway from Royal Design Stencils..

    Art by Karena

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