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Milk Does a Body (and Soul) Good


This post is sponsored by got milk? in
partnership with THINK Together, Bay Area Community Resources and Central
Valley Afterschool Foundation, nonprofit organizations that support
after school programs for kids and educates them about the importance of
proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
Is there anything cuter on a kid — or grown-up,
for that matter — than the frothy white mustache that remains after a gulp of
ice-cold milk? 
The latest got milk? campaign is all
about embracing the quintessential classic in its purest and simplest form. And
in today’s world, dairy milk is one of the few that has remained real and
simple just two basic ingredients: milk and vitamin D3. 
In an effort to promote good
nutrition and good work, got milk? paired up with THINK Together, Bay Area
Community Resources and Central Valley Afterschool Foundation, community-based
organizations that fuel nutrition education programs throughout California, the
epicenter of American dairy. 
Beginning July 9th and continuing
through August 5th, head to to purchase a
pair of limited edition drinking glasses that are retro cool, for a worthy
cause, and won’t break the bank. (Who says functional can’t also be
The $15 set (price includes shipping) is comprised
of a “real” milk glass, etched with the duo of ingredients mentioned earlier,
and an “imitation” milk glass, etched with a much longer list of
tongue-twisting ingredients.  Can you say gluconate and carrageenan?
Every dollar goes directly toward helping kids
understand the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles. It’s the perfect
way to do your body good, and do something good for your soul… definitely a
glass-half-full way of living.
Buy your set of glasses here:

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