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The Powder Bath


One of the things I am most excited for with the new house is the bathroom situation. Mostly just that there is more than one of them. :) There is a powder bath on the parlor level, and any powder bath to me just begs to be adventurous! Look how sad the bachelors made this bathroom! It’s down right desperate for some love and better lighting.

I can’t decide about that little sink. It’s original I guess and it could be sort of cute with a skirt? Wouldn’t something really quirky like this sink (and that mirror!) be amazing?

Elle Decor

For the walls, I would naturally gravitate toward a crazy, loud wallpaper pattern like this one:

Palmer Weiss

With an interesting mirror:


But the room is tiny (like 3×4) and I don’t really feel like papering around mirrors and lights and fixtures with almost every single sheet. I’m thinking I might try a decorative paint treatment.

Martha Stewart’s Faux Bois kit might be perfect. I’ve heard it’s a really fun project and that the rocker tool is super easy/forgiving. (demo video here) But I’ll run into a similar problem af having to work around things on the walls.

I’m leaning toward hand-stamping the walls with a wood block. I bought this pretty 3×6″ floral stamp here and I think it’s worth trying. It could be a really quick, fun project. The hardest part might be choosing the color combos for the paint!

Also diggin’ that black trim in the corners. It really helps define the walls, right? Otherwise things might get a little dizzying in there with all the small pattern. Very nice.
What did you think?
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57 thoughts on “The Powder Bath

  1. I am pretty much in love with that giant green and white paisley print wallpaper. I would be tempted to give painting it freehand a try in such a small room.

  2. I think you should go with the stamp for sure. when we moved in our house last sept, i was so excited to have a small powder room to try a bold treatment. i bought a big square stencil and went to town. there are not 4 but 8 corners in this bath and it was WAY too hard. infact im not even finished (5 months later i still have two small areas to finish, ugh!) i will say this, the part that is finished is BEAUTIFUL. high impact. i used marthas "Plumage" a dark dark peacock, over a white wall. anyhoo, a stamp wouldve been so much easier and same wow factor. cant wait to see what you do in there.

  3. Somehow I found your blog via Sherman Williams. Anyway, I love the way you show what you have and where you think you are going with it!! Great design process!! FYI My uncle back in the 60's made a fab dining room table out of a door. To this day they use it in their mid century house in Atlanta.

  4. I recently had the walls upholstered in my early 1940s powder room. The black trim on the hand stamped walls that you showed totally looks like the gimp that we used. Have you thought about upholstering the walls with fabric?

  5. Jenny, keep the sink! it's cute and quirkly and would look great with a skirt whether a bold pattern or something simple like a ticking stripe. For the walls, check out Mandi just did a really cool faux bois finish on her floors and a DIY stamped tribal print wall. You are never lacking in inspiration for us so i thought I'd pass a little back to you. And as my bestie always says "go bold or go home" I think that should be your motto for this bathroom.

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