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Summer Happenings


What a strange week it’s been! We haven’t quite had the chance to adjust to the summer schedule yet, and then with the holiday right smack-dab in the middle of this week, it feels like one long, weird drawn out weekend! Our heads are clearly not in the game as we did the unthinkable and took the kids to Time Square (always a bad idea).

Yesterday was nice though. We have family in town, so we did a lot of cooking and baking and eating, and really, what more could you want from a holiday? The girls helped me make this cherry pie. They did pretty good with the stars, huh?

Last night we walked to the west side and watched the fireworks display, which they orchestrate from a barge in the middle of the Hudson River. We were lazy and stayed downtown (the view was much better I’m sure in midtown). Given how many people were sitting with us down in Battery Park, I’m glad we didn’t bother making the trek up. The kids were pretty wiped by the heat and mosquitos by the time we got home.

It’s a rough life and the party must go on, so we’re packing up to head to Delaware for a reunion with the clerks and judge Michael used to work for. I am excited to get out of the city for a couple days and hang out at the beach. And I’m extra excited about going to the Amish flea market again! I’ve missed those beautiful whoopie pies and farm fresh cheeses dearly. Not to mention the sour dough rolls, soft pretzels and homemade ice cream. And the doughnuts. (and the cinnamon rolls). Oh my.

When we get home, it will be almost time to head to Arizona for two weeks. And then – the MOVE!!! Finally. It’s been such a long process, I can’t believe it’s time to start packing! And there are still so many decisions to make. Like the color of the floors. I’m still liking the idea of very dark, almost ebony. But part of me wants to do a lighter, almost ash color. I was inspired by the floors at Toys R Us. And hopefully that will be the first and last time I will ever write that sentence.

Signing off for the week! I’ll be updating instagram all weekend though if you want to follow along on our little trip to Rohobeth. (@jennykomenda).


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  1. While in Rehoboth, go to Royal Treat Breakfast and Ice Cream Parlor. It is excellent! There will probably be a line, but the french toast is worth the bit of a wait!

    enjoy the trip!

  2. We live close to Rehoboth. Whenever we get visitors we always make sure to have them visit The Ice Cream Store. The ice cream is amazing and there are hundreds of flavors. My personal favorite is bacon, but the girls might really like to order a booger sundae.
    Also if you get a chance go by Mod Cottage. It's a great little decor store. Both places are on the main Avenue.
    Enjoy the beach!!

  3. Just a thought to leave you with. I know whatever road you go down floor-wise will be exquisite. However, my husband's cousin made the choice in her remodel to go with very very very dark flooring and EVERYTHING shows, every speck of dust. She regrets her choice and I know I would go INSANE trying to keep floors like that clean. Also, I think dark floors are just the teensiest bit played out. I'd love to see you with light flooring and love to see what kind you would choose! But I'm sure I'll be in awe of dark if you choose that too :)

  4. We have the super dark floors. I love the way they look, but they do show every single bit of dust. Good if you want to know your floors are clean, bad if you don't have a love affair with your vacuum.

  5. My oak floors are a pale straw color – no red. I like how they hide the dirt and dog and cat hair. I love the look of the dark floors but I'm not a dedicated enough housekeeper to have them and not go crazy. If I was brave enough (and had the money) I'd redo the floors to an ash gray weathered color, like driftwood. I think that would look so wonderful with my bold turquoise and green walls.

  6. I hear you with the kids/holidays/trying to make the best of it, but having it blow up in your face. Yeah, we had one of those 4th's this year too. About those floors though- as much as I love Ebony, we had them in our last home and they were a nightmare to keep clean. I'm very clean anyway, but there were ALWAYS dust bunnies showing. I think the Ash seems perfect for hiding things like that & with kids. Either will be stunning with your stuff though, I'm sure:)

  7. We did dark floors in our current house and while I like the look, I won't do it again in our next house. We don't even have pets, just two little kids, and it shows EVERY speck of dust/ hair/crumb. Go with the lighter floors!!

  8. Dark floors show every scratch and with children or pets it's not an option in my book anyway. They are beautiful in pictures but we don't live in pictures.

  9. Hi Jenny
    I have super dark floors-love the look but they are hard to keep clean. When the sun shines in I can see kid foot prints and dust-even though I swiffer almost every day.

    If I were to do it again I would choose to go a little lighter so that the grain shows through a bit. I think it's the grain that helps camouflage scratches, dust etc. Good Luck!

  10. I have installed wood floors with ebony finish for our clients. They have found that they are very unforgiving about dust and grime showing. They especially found stair tread areas to be difficult to keep clean. I don't think they thought they would have a swiffer permanently fixed to their hands. A dark stain would definitely cut into your creative time! Good luck.

  11. dark or light ?
    do both in an area-
    stripes- plaid- or a nice geometric-
    then rooms off this area could be solid-
    dark for bedrooms and light for daytime areas

    john in nc

  12. When I was a young bride, the big rage was "Jacobean Pine" a dark ebony finish. It was fine on furniture, but on floors not so much. It showed every speck of dust, every scratch, and was completely unforgiving. Sure, you can touch up with a dab of Old English polish, but do you want to live your life with a dust mop in one hand and polish in the other? And cringe every time someone tracks something into the house or scoots a toy or a chair? Go for the lighter floor that is a bit mottled; it will be vastly easier to care for.

  13. In our last house we had the most beautiful DARK wood floors. They were gorgeous as long as I kept them clean. So, if you are a cleaner, go for the dark. They are stunning. If not so much, you may want to lean for the lighter.

    Sounds like a great week! Happy moving. (gag)

  14. Hoorah for new home renovations! I'll be keeping a keen eye on yours as we do ours! Can't wait til you move in!

  15. Hope your beach trip was awesome! Love your daily journalling and seeing what you and your family are up to!

  16. Sounds like so much fun making pie together! This may not apply to you, (as it seems like you manage to balance work, kids, cooking, and keeping up with housework really well), but I've lived with dark and light hardwood floors. And can I just warn you — dark floors show every speck of dirt, every dust bunny. I felt like my old floors always looked dirty. I also admittedly didn't haul out the vacuum or broom on a daily basis. Good luck with the move!

  17. I'm struggling over choosing wood flooring also. I love the darker tones, but am leaning towards something warmer.

    We live in AZ!!! What part are you coming to? Maybe we can meet for coffee!

    Xx. Patience

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