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Trail of Spots

I find myself falling down the design rabbit hole a lot lately. I’ve been looking for a red spotted fabric for my girls room. I was thinking of Les Touches in red, but the background is a little more tan than white. 

Then when I was shopping on the Furbish site the other day, I saw this little swatch on the mood board on the home page and remembered how much I love Quadrille’s Rio fabric. The color in real life is more coral than red (I think they actually call it ‘Shrimp’), but it might just work for my purposes.

Check out how great Rio looks in black and white. Good stuff.


Reminds me of how much I love KWID’s Confetti fabric. PS if you’re looking for a great pair of slipper chairs, House of Pemberley is selling a gorgeous set all done up in Confetti. The price is a STEAL considering the cost of the fabric!

Which, by the way, if you love the small dotted look of the Confetti fabric, I think this fabric for less than $9 a yard could be a great substitute. I’d use this lighter weight fabric for curtains, pillows or a table skirt.

PS Another spotted look from the Quadrille site! (the squares fabric in the background is theirs) The image is from Celerie Kemble’s new book Black and White (and a Bit in Between) and what an easy DIY this lampshade could be! Just splatter a linen shade with some watered down black paint. But be sure to practice a little first to get used to the right moves. 

And don’t forget the ribbon trim. I think it makes all the difference in the look. I trimmed out a shade just like this one ages ago (here’s the post from early 2009. Dang! I’ve been blogging for a long time!). I wonder if I still have that shade somewhere so I can try this splatter paint idea…

See!? Design rabbit hole!

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23 thoughts on “Trail of Spots

  1. Thank you for the tip on the slipper chairs. I scooped them up as soon as I read your post. I have been looking for a pair of chairs that would work with our butter yellow tuxedo couch and I am hoping these will work! As usual, your site is a reliable source of inspiration!

  2. Oh my I was just about to order Confetti to slipcover my mutton leg dining chairs. Have you seen the Michael Miller in person? I wonder if it would be too thin or if it has texture like the KWID version.


  3. I love this spotted fabric trend that is going around everywhere. It's a more subtle animal print. I can't stomach full on leopard or zebra prints!

    Great picks, as always Jenny!


  4. Lordy, what I wouldn't give for a whole wall of curtains in that Quadrille fabric. They have my favorite patterns!! And you're right about how the background of the Brunschwig fabric is actually much more beige. Finally saw it in person recently and I was SUPER disappointed. Looks dingey and dirty in real life!


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