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Cabbage White


I have paint colors on the brain today. The landlord is paying to have the whole brownstone professionally painted, which is awesome (and was a bit unexpected to be honest). I’m just so, so glad I don’t have to paint the 20′ high stairwell on the parlor floor myself (YIKES!).

I’m probably going to go with a very pale gray for all the common area walls (I LOVE Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak), but I’m super-duper tempted by Farrow and Ball’s Cabbage White. It’s this really bright, clear greeny-bluey white. I think it would be so fresh!

image from Lonny

Off to grab some sample pots to throw up on the wall this morning before the painter needs my final choices. I’ll be sure to share on instagram (my handle is @jennykomenda).

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  1. I'm not sure about FB. I know it's sacrilegious but I'm not convinced of their quality and durability of you actually intend to live in your home (as opposed to simply photograph it). I painted my entire home in FB (pointing – lovely) and was assured it would hold up to small children. Less then a year later, the walls are a disaster and I'm forced to repaint. What a waste of time and money.
    Which finish will you go with?

  2. I think the law on NYC is that they have to paint every 3 yrs when renting and especially with a new tenant so no surprise! Now only if you could come over and pick my paint color! By the way Maryha Stewart has a similar color called cumulus cloud that I had BM match.

  3. We had BM pale oak in our brownstone apartment in Manhattan. It went great with the mid tone wood molding and panelling. It gave a moddy look wihle still be neutral. However, a springy contrast to the wood could be very nice!

  4. I have Pale Oak in my living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. Truthfully, I am little tired of it. It reads muddy when you have it everywhere. I'm looking for a lighter, brighter color. I love the other color you chose.


  5. Farrow and Ball's Borrowed Light is a beautiful color. I did Benjamin Moore Dove White and Borrowed Light on the ceilings. They disappeared.

  6. I have FB throughout my home and it is fantastic. Unlike the other commenter, I feel like it withstands children just as well, if not better, as other paints. Regardless of what paint you choose, touch up is required when you live in a home to keep it fresh. FB paints have a color and depth you can't find anywhere else…trust me, I tried!

  7. Oh yes, legally they have to but that doesn't mean it happens. Or they'll do a terrible job with a gross mayonnaise color, so I feel compelled to redo it. I moved out of a place and the next guy moved in the same day. Of course I'm talking regular crummy apartments with indifferent landlords.

    I've done pale gray and found it read as cool or dull white, which was slightly disappointing.

  8. So excited for you! Good luck this weekend. Please please please take lots of before/after pics. I know I'm just about the only person in the world without an iphone, but maybe you could throw some "in progress" pics up on the blog for those of us stuck in the dark ages of the blackberry? Or maybe I should just go the Apple store this weekend?

  9. I've had BM 'ice cubed silver' in two houses now and I love it. I'll never forget my mother coming over to help me paint and she was disapoointed that I chose such a pale color. By the end of the day she was convinced, depending on how the natural light hits it, it can be gray, blue, pink, whatever… goes with everything and remains fresh and bright. Love it.

  10. I went with whites and love love love how transformative it is. It is like starting fresh.
    Go with your gut. I love BM snow white, Behr- Polished grey – and Martha Stewart -Bakery Box white.

  11. BM Lilly White is also a great color– it reflects blues and greens to look like a Carolina Blue– very pretty!

  12. I wish our rentals laws required homes to be repainted every few years. I'm not too keen on 'Pale Oak' but I do like 'Cabbage White'.

  13. CONGRATULATIONS! I cant believe you packed and moved everything so quickly. We get the keys to our very own home later today, which is incredibly exciting. Thank you so much for all the decoration inspiration.

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