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Painting Over a Vintage Abstract


I picked up this mid-century abstract oil painting at the flea market a while back. I liked it enough but it definitely wasn’t love. I bought it for about $20, so I figured I could make something hang-worthy out of it.

When I got it home, I knew it had to be changed. The colors looked so, so drab with my mustard rug and ivory sofa. So using just a couple tubes of oil paints, I mostly went right over the top of artist’s patterns and just brightened up the drab colors. So easy! And it looked like a brand new painting in just a couple minutes. :)

Top and bottom images were a part of the photo shoot we did last week at the loft. Photography by Nicole Franzen and styling by Kendra Smoot. I’m going to be showing more images from that shoot this week while we are getting unpacked at the brownstone.
What did you think?
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32 thoughts on “Painting Over a Vintage Abstract

  1. It boggles my mind when I see people paying top dollar for what a little imagination can do. Your painting now looks so fresh and new.

  2. First, awesome art wall! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos. Second, I'm actually doing the same thing right now only it's a figurative painting and one of the figures is hideous so I'm painting over that part. I hope I don't make it worse! :)

  3. Jenny it is now bright light and energizing!! I love what you have accomplished!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series featuring Harrison Howard

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  5. Easy idea and no great loss from the original. Not to burst a balloon, but, you do realize that the abstract was a horizontal piece? If you turn the original one turn to the left, making the left the bottom, you see a chickadee, a person running toward you with an arm outstretched, a road, and another person running from left to right, albeit with an indistinct head, among other identifiable items…

  6. I'm excited to see pictures of the rest of the old loft! I love what you did with that old painting. It echoes the feel of the pillows so well. Also, so random that you know Kendra and Seth. Kendra dated my brother in law for a while. Small world!

  7. This was such a good idea and it really works too! I'm not sure I'd be brave enough but then if it didn't cost must to begin with I could be tempted. I wonder if you increased the value!

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